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Simplisse Manual Breast Feeding Companion

Simplisse Manual Breast Feeding Companion

Simplisse Manual Breast Feeding Companion

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Designed by Women, for Women.™

Designed and produced in the USA by a team of lactation consultants and moms to feel more like natural breastfeeding.

New Advanced Design conforms and moves with mom's breast
  • No tugging
  • No pinching
  • No friction

A Healthy Mom = Healthy Breastmilk for Baby

Scientific breastfeeding studies have proven that pain during lactation or milk expression can actually reduce the flow and nutritional quality or breastmilk. Stress from pain or discomfort releases hormones that can inhibit milk flow as well as decrease the breastmilk's natural infection-fighting nutrients - nutrients that are vital to baby's health. Simply put, more comfortable breastmilk expression during lactation can promote good breast health for mom and quality breastmilk for baby.

The Simplisse Story

Now, giving your newborn the benefits of nutritional breastmilk doesn't have to be a painful experience. After years of breastfeeding research and observation, a team of leading lactation consultants partnered with moms to create a milk collection system that simulates the comfort and benefits of baby at the breast.Simplisse Breastfeeding Companions feature a unique BabyFace™ Flexible Breastcup that authentically emulates the baby's mouth movements. It conforms to mom's breast just like baby, and it alleviates the discomfort and friction often associated with traditional suck-and-release breast pumps. In addition, Continuous Comfort™ Valves mimic baby's feeding pressure without painful tugging or pinching of mom's nipple. And when mom is comfortable and happy, breastmilk quality is at its highest. Ultimate comfort for mom and quality breastmilk for baby - these are the breakthrough benefits of the Simplisse Breastfeeding Companion.The only milk collector that authentically emulates natural breastfeeding.
  • Eliminates suck-and-release action found in traditional pumps
  • Naturally elicits milk expression, doesn't extract milk like traditional breast pumps
  • Emulates baby's suckling motions and feeding pressure
  • Promotes soothing milk flow for enhanced milk productivity
  • BabyFace™ Flexible Breastcup - Very soft and flexible, it conforms and moves naturally with mom's breast. No tugging, no pinching, no friction.
  • Continuous Comfort™ Valves - Regulates the pump's pressure so the suction levels are similar to baby at the breast. No high suction or painful pumping.
  • Air gently pulsates the Breastcup out, then releases air to express milk.
  • Includes single collection bottle and sealing cap.

Simplisse: Naturally Better. By Design.™

Specially designed for the health of mom and baby during breastfeeding, Simplisse is the only complete line of breast pumps, breastfeeding accessories, skincare products, and nutrient supplements. Our products are developed and produced by a team of lactation consultants and moms, to naturally support the positive bond between moms, babies and breastfeeding.

Dishwasher safe

Made in the USA

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