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The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo Goo AfterCare Kit

The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo Goo AfterCare Kit

The Original Tattoo Goo Tattoo Goo AfterCare Kit

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Total Aftercare Kit - For the Life of your Tattoo - Do the Goo!

Kit contains:
  • Deep Cleansing Aftercare Soap for Tattoos(2 fl oz/59ml) - Antibacterial, antimicrobial, pH balanced.  Advanced PCMX-L Micro Molecular Formula.
  • Color Guard UV Sunscreen (.45 oz/13g) - Fade Protection.
  • The Original Tattoo Goo - Won't clog pores, enhances color, helps in healing
  • Tattoo Goo Lotion - Is a water based moisturizing lotion that penetrates deeply to provide long lasting g protection against dryness.  Won't clog pores, enhances color, and heals skin faster.
A piercing is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression.  It's important to follow the directions of your professional piercer closely to ensure the safest possible healing process.  After all, a safe and efficient heal will ensure the long life of your piercing.
  • Deep Cleansing Aftercare Soap - Do not use soap for oral piercings.  Consult your tattoo and/or piercing professional for complete instructions.
  • Tattoo Goo - Review for allergies, do not use near eyes.
  • Tattoo Goo Lotion - Review for allergies, do not use near eyes.  Consult your professional tattoo artist for complete aftercare instructions.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Supplement Facts
  • Deep Cleansing Aftercare Soap - Tattoos: Wash 3-4 times a day.  Cold water rinse, pat, then air dry for 15 min.  Apply thin layer of Tattoo Goo® Salve or Lotion.  As needed.  7-10 days.  Piercings: Clean body piercings once or twice daily using a small amount of soap, followed by one spray of X-Pression™ Piercing AfterCare Rinse.
  • Color Guard Sunscreen - Apply Color Guard UV Sun Screen generously to tattooed skin before exposure to direct Sun or UV Tanning.  Repeat after swimming & during outdoor activities as needed.  Allow new tattoos to heal for 3 weeks before using.
  • Tattoo Goo - Rinse with cold water, pat dry with a clean towel, air dry 15 mins., gently and sparingly apply a thin layer of Tattoo Goo®.  Repeat 3 or 4 times a day for 7 to 10 days.  Consult your professional tattoo artist for complete after care instructions.

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Health Notes

5 Essential Products for Youthful Skin

5 Essential Products for Youthful Skin
5 Essential Products for Youthful Skin: Main Image
Natural beauty begins on the inside
The average woman spends hundreds of dollars in the quest for miracle skin care products that will maximize the beauty which is rightfully hers. Of course, natural beauty begins on the inside, with plenty of sleep, water, and nutrients from a whole foods diet. But, fortunately, adding a simplified beauty routine featuring natural products will result in truly beautiful skin, without irritating synthetic chemicals. Let's take a look at these essential products and why they work.

1. Cleanser

It is important to cleanse your face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night before retiring. Your skin is an excretory organ and by cleansing you not only remove dirt, bacteria, and excess oil, you also remove the cellular toxins that your skin has eliminated. This enhances your skin's ability to absorb your other topical products.

  • If you have dry skin: Look for a cream or oil based cleanser that does the job without further stripping your skin of natural oils.
  • If you have oily skin: Look for a gel- or foam- based cleanser that helps soak up excess oil.

2. Serum

These are the workhorses of your beauty routine! Serums are highly concentrated, lightweight, and fast-absorbing formulations containing certain actives like CoQ10, vitamin C and E, green tea, DMAE (dimethylethanolamine), and alpha lipoic acid. By targeting your special areas of concern with an appropriate serum, you activate your body's own self-healing process to restore balance.

  • Choose a firming, wrinkle-reducing serum, if you are looking for an anti-aging effect.
  • Choose a skin-brightening serum if, darkened patches of skin (hyperpigmentation) are a concern for you.

3. Day Moisturizer

Apply this moisturizer after you cleanse your face in the morning and over your serum. This will seal in your serum and protect your skin from the elements. Try to find a moisturizer that contains sun protection for a beauty routine simplifier!

4. Night Moisturizer

Apply your night moisturizer after you cleanse your skin at night and over any serum you have applied. This moisturizer should be free of sunscreen protection and can be a heavier and more rejuvenating formulation. Your skin repairs itself at night. By providing the right moisturizer the skin lipid barrier is repaired, which means that you minimize water loss through your skin and thereby avoid dry, irritated skin that shows more lines.

Generally younger skin is oilier, and care must be taken to not choose a heavier moisturizer than is necessary. Too-heavy moisturizer clogs pores and makes skin look too shiny with oils that did not fully penetrate.

5. Treatment Mask

The treatment mask focuses attention on a specific target area, typically on a once- or twice-a- week basis. Masks come in a variety of forms and can be made from many different natural materials.

  • Use a mask made from clay for a detoxifying and acne-clearing effect that leaves your skin clean and glowing.
  • If you are after a moisture surge, some masks contain hyaluronic acid, honey or other moisturizing ingredients to sink into your skin.
  • For a radiance boost to dull skin, try an exfoliating mask made from fruit acids.

The regular use of these five natural beauty products, in conjunction with a healthy diet, plenty of water and sleep, are a dynamic combination that can rejuvenate your skin and permit your inner beauty to radiate.

Dr. Anne Marie Fine is a practicing naturopathic physician, award-winning researcher, author, speaker, and a popular lecturer all over the country. While her practice is as a primary care physician, her focus has been on environmental medicine, in which she has recently completed a fellowship. Dr. Fine founded the Fine Center for Natural Medicine, L.L.C., a comprehensive healthcare clinic located in Scottsdale, AZ. Her healthcare vision includes preventive and natural medicine to meet the emerging medical challenges of our day, primarily chronic degenerative diseases brought on by faulty diet and lifestyle choices. Dr. Fine developed her own line of organic and ultra-pure skin care products to offer nontoxic alternatives to many personal care products.
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