Shaun Quintana
Age: 37 | Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Position: GNC Store Manager
Hobbies/Activities: Soccer, family hiking trips, playing in the park, football, softball, competitive amateur bodybuilding
Health/Wellness Goals:
  • Keeping his family motivated to stay in shape and live healthily like him
How Do You Become a Fitness Role Model?
Even as a teenager, Shaun was an athlete, supplement fan and diet guru. In high school, it was football and basketball. And in the early days of his bodybuilding career, it was all about rigorous workouts and a strictly honed diet. Shaun's deep understanding of his body came from being a customer at GNC. So it was a natural next step for him to join GNC as an Associate.
All in the Family
Raising five children together, including a 10-month-old, Shaun and his wife have hectic schedules filled with children's activities, their own jobs and, of course, working out. They are always conscious of making healthy choices in order to set a good example for their kids. As a family they walk, hike, and play soccer and football.
Perfect Partnership
Shaun and his wife also believe it's important to show their kids what a good partnership looks like. He competes as an amateur bodybuilder on the local and and state level, and his wife—a nurse—is his lifting partner. With her knowledge of the human body and his expertise in nutrition from GNC, they make a great team.
Real Rewards
Shaun loves to share the stories of his family with his customers. He knows that his own personal experiences can show his customers new possibilities for themselves. Shaun's biggest reward is when customers come back excited about the results they are getting with products from GNC.
Workout Routine
  • 4–5 days at the gym per week weightlifting
  • Plays softball every Sunday in the summer and fall in his local leagues in Colorado
Training Tips
  • Meal prep is a great idea for losing weight. If you cook your food in advance, you will always know what to eat and you will stay healthier.
  • Rest is very important! Do not over-train and make sure to take days off from the gym.
  • Be consistent with what you do—make sure you are staying true to your healthy eating habits and workout routines.