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The HCG Activator™ Offers New Hope for Dieters Based on Legitimate Medical Science

HCG (or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, as it is medically known) allows the body to burn excess bodyfat by using that fat as a food source. HCG is normally administrated by a medical doctor and is very costly and painful. Sounds crazy, right? But here's how it works:

HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that triggers the hypothalamus to release and mobilize any extra fat your body is carrying to use as an energy or "food" source. Therefore, when you go on a very low calorie diet (such as the plan contained with the HCG Activator), the HCG helps make up the difference in the calories it needs to function by using your stored fat as food. As a result, you will burn fat more quickly, and from areas that are typically harder to reduce. An additional benefit of HCG is that you will feel less hunger cravings and desires to snack between meals, despite undergoing a restrictive- calorie diet. This will help you maintain your diet and improve your motivation to continue.

Now, you may enjoy the powerful effects of HCG without the costly, painful injections: The HCG Diet Solution is a natural alternative to HCG administration. HCG Activator does not claim to be a "miracle pill" but instead uses a scientific dietary formula and medically researched protocol that is based on Dr. Simeons’ diet, proven to reduce obesity, excess weight, and more specifically bodyfat. Start today, and here is what you can expect:

INSTANTLY: 100% reduction in the desire to snack-and 50% fewer instances of eating meals*
After 1 Week: Flush out up to 7 pounds of toxic fat and lose up to 1-2 pounds a day thereafter
After 4 weeks: Lose up to 30 pounds of excess body weight* and feel about yourself!


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As a dietary supplement, take one serving (2 capsules) twice daily with a full glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach. Take one serving, upon waking (before breakfast); and take the second serving six hours later (between lunch and dinner). Please read the entire label carefully before use, and follow directions.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not intended for individuals under the age of 18, unless instructed by a doctor. This product contains black cohosh, which is not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician prior to use if you have high blood pressure or heart problems or are taking prescription drugs. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any supplement or exercise program. This product contains black cohosh, which is not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Improper use of this product will not improve results and is not advised. DO NOT USE IF SAFETY SEAL UNDER CAP IS BROKEN.

Other Ingredients

Gelatin, Cellulose, Silica, Magnesium Stearate
BioGenetic Laboratories
Golden, CO 80401

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  2 Capsules
Servings Per Container  60

Amount Per Serving     % DV

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Glycopeptide Stimulating Complex  758 mg   **
   L-Arginine (as alpha-ketoglutarate)   **
   N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine   **
   L-Ornithine (as alpha-ketoglutarate)   **
   Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia sinesis) (decaffeinated) 98% pholyphenols 50% EGCG   **
   Saffrolite™ Saffron Extract (Crocus sativus) (standardized for safranal)   **
   Black Cohosh [Cimicifuga racemosa (root) extract (std. to 2.5% triperpenoids)]   **
   Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata, 1%)   **

** Daily Value (DV) not established.


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PROS: If there ever existed a miracle drug for dropping weight, then this has to be it. I started the program 6 days ago and in those 6 days I've lost around 10 pounds. I'm also not following the diet to a T; instead of 500 calories, I'm eating 1000-1200 calories but I'm also burning about 500 calories each day at the gym (elliptical machine). I'm also eating pretty much whatever I want as long as it's in my calorie range (e.g., Lean Cuisine french bread pizzas, chicken alfredo pasta, stir-fried rice; and Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches).

CONS: Even an 1000 calorie diet is VERY DIFFICULT to keep. The first three days were miserable as I had very low energy, tremendous hunger pangs, and frequent headaches. That's when I started taking the following supplements, which my doctor advised me to take: B12, Amino Fuel, Branched Chain Amino Acids 1800, and a multi-vitamin (One-a-Day for Men). Once I started taking the supplements, the headaches went away, my energy levels normalized, and I was able to function normally through my day-to-day. However, the weight-loss didn't stop or slow down, even on a day where I didn't go to the gym and ate 900 calories.

CONCLUSION: I definitely recommend this product to anyone having difficulty through other means at losing weight. I also recommend it if you're very (though not extremely) overweight like I am (I'm 6'0 and weighed 300 lbs when I started this program). That being said, be ready to go through some initial pain and to supplement this extreme diet with some essential vitamins and minerals. It gets easier, but for me at least, those first three days were miserable. Good luck!
March 1, 2011
I did my first round of HCG Activator last spring and lost 30 lbs over six weeks! I do understand the skepticism that some may have, but I believe 100% it's the pills, not the diet that makes this effective.
- I did not follow the 500 cals but ate around 800-900 calories a day.
- I commonly ate foods that were on the "don't eat" list.
- I even had a little alcohol.

I used this product for the 30 days and followed the maintenance rather strictly (out of fear of regaining my weight) and have kept it all off for the past year. I am currently back for my second round to get me where I want to be.
May 29, 2012
Really Works!
I had been on birth control for a while, and kept gaining weight after switching to a different brand. Once I went off the bc I still could not lose the weight I gained. I tried everything. Then a girlfriend of mine was trying to get pregnant so she gave me her near full bottle of hGC Activator to try. It WORKED! I lost 45lbs in a few months and took the recommended time off between bottles since I needed to lose more than 30 lbs. and it took more than 45 days. Shortly after the loss and keeping it off for a bit, I went into a relationship and started a bc with the lowest hormone possible. However, I started gaining again. I am back to hCG Activator and I feel great and I'm losing again. I will say, I've never felt so clear on any other diet plan. I'm not tired, not hungry (as long as I eat on schedule) and I feel good about myself. My skin looks good (mostly because of all the water I was previously not drinking) and it is re-establishing better diet habits. I highly recommend this product. I have since bought 4 bottles on my own to continue the diet for me in the first round and now for this second diet round.
January 12, 2015
I've tried them all -- diet pills, quick this and that, detox, and homepathic droplets. Nothing worked for me :-( . tried HCG diet and was HUNGRY all the time. used droplets, didn't do anything. then tried this product, in capsule form. WOKRED INCREDiBLY WELL. never hungry. no snacking. good energy. have lost 8 pounds first week. 4 punds second week. will report total weight loss when done at 4 weeks. I have to say, this HCG is the ONLY product that has worked for me, and with no crazy side effects!!! lol. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HCG TO ANY OTHER YO-YO DIETERS LIKE ME, WHO WANT SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.
December 7, 2010
First, I have to say, this HCG pill works exceptionally well. I am sooooo happy with my weight loss, so far (after 37 days) -- just over 34 pounds lost in all. Most of it from my stomach area and thighs. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I did research and found that HCG is a rather complex hormone, so I was skeptical at first, then I did more research and read that drops and liquids didn't work that well. And looked into medical, and it was waaaay to costly. So, I found this pill, by way of my best friend (She swears by this HCG pill), and so I started using it, becuase it said it was based on legitimate medical science and the capsule ingredients worked naturally. Well, I have to say, this HCG works, and works fast! I couldn't be happier, and I'm certain I'll hit my weight loss goal of 100lbs by Summer, at this rate. I recommend HCG ACTIVATOR to all my friends!! They love it too. I've finally found THE answer to my weight loss woes. :-))
December 28, 2010
10.2 lbs down on day 7 - totally unexpected!
I started my journey a week ago today. I've been documenting it daily. I am SO pleased with this product. I have to admit that I struggled with the "gorging" requirement in Phase I, and I hope it doesn't come back to bite me, but so far I am not hungry, have absolutely zero jitters or anxiousness, and I've lost 10.2 pounds.

I am shocked, truly surprised that it has worked so well. 500 calories is not a lot of food, so I'm sure I would have lost some of the weight just doing a super low-cal diet, but the HCG Activator has curbed my hunger, helped me feel full with small amounts of food, and has probably helped keep me on track (though it's not hard when you see instant results).

My weight started at 165.8 and has gone down as such: Day 2-163.8, Day 3-160.3, Day 4-159, Day 5-158, Day 6-156.6, Day 7-156.6, this morning - 155.6.

I will continue tracking my progress and may update this review or add another at the end of the phase. My goal was 20 pounds and after only one week, I'm slightly over half way there.

I will definitely order this again.
August 10, 2015
It works!
I understand the skepticism behind HCG Activator, but let me tell you it works! My situation was a little different with my weight, as I gained over 50 lbs due to a medication I was taking. My doctor said to stop the weight gain I would need to take an anti-seizure medication, so I went off my meds all together. Last spring, after losing no weight at all, I tried this and I lost 30 lbs in six weeks. I kept it off by continuing healthy eating and exercise. I know some believe this only works because of the 500 cal/day but, I don't believe that at all. I ate around 800-1000 each day, I went out for a fatty meal once a week and I even had a little wine with one meal.

As for those who believe you will gain the weight right back after finishing the diet, that's not true. I kept my weight off for over a year and, of course, if you eat unhealthy once the diet is up, you will gain weight back (not speaking from personal experience). But that's kind of like every diet out there; eat right and your weight will reflect your healthy eating.

Go on and buy HCG Activator, it's the best!
May 28, 2012
As a guy, I was a little skeptical about trying HCG, but then my wife started using it, lost over 34 pounds first 5 weeks, and I thought what the heck. I did some research online and found that most HCG are droplets, or liquid and don't really work (mixed reviews at best :-). So I bought this HCG activator pill, and all I can say is WOW – THIS STUFF WORKS, AND WORKS FAST! No side effects, except losing weight fast. The Diet part is tough, but I am proud to say, so far in two weeks I've dropped 14 piunds of fat, mostly right off my belly. I couldn't be happier and will definitely keep using this HCG pill. Thank you HCG ACTIVATOR for making something for dieters that actually works!
December 27, 2010
It works but you need self control
I have tried so many products it's hilarious. I am a medical professional and I know that there is no "miracle pill". If there were, we wouldn't be overweight. I've tried the "military diet" that swears by 10 pounds in 3 days. I did lose some weight with that but hated everything about it, and wasn't very friendly because I was always starving. The weight immediately came back on in a matter of days. I started this 9 days ago; that counts the 2 days of eating what you want. It has been a week since I started the diet portion and I have lost 8#. I had to slow it down because I was getting to weak. I didn't follow the diet exactly but did mostly. I was eating about 700-800 calories a day but also running 3 miles a day (my norm). I found I didn't have enough energy to finish my run on the 3rd day of calorie limiting. I had to break the pattern a little with some peanut butter on 2 occasions. I was losing 2-3 pounds a day. I'm down to losing about .5# a day now but I'm okay with that. I really haven't been hungry. I know that my stomach is shrinking so I'm not at hungry. I didn't have the headaches or grouchiness as before. I have to think that it isn't only the diet...that's the hard part...having the self control to turn away from the junk foods and grains. I'll keep trying and report back in a few weeks.
June 9, 2015
Lost 6lbs in 7 days :) I am so HAPPY
First let me start off stating that I am over weight and have been for majority of my life. I never really cared to loose weight because people say I am so beautiful that the weight is something they look past. I am 23 years old and I couldnt take it anymore, I have tried everything from starving my self, to drinking only water in places of my meals, nothing has worked, I couldnt find anything to help my slow metabolism. I was introduced to this product by my cousin who told me to read the reviews, I am the type of person to try anything once, so I ordered it and I found that the diet plan once I read it was something I could not see my self doing at all, I mean 500 calories a day? I ate about 2,700 a day and that diet plan seemed like I would be starving my self. The first two days were great u can eat what ever you want, and take the pills, third day is where u cut down to the 500 calories, I honestly can say that these pills made me feel so full and completely took my mind off of food, I dont feel hunger pains, I dont even look or crave for sweets, I am so excitied about what this product is doing for me and to show proof I will post my before and afters in about 5 months to show u this product definately works. No Bull. I started off Feb 2 2011 and its is now Feb 9 2011 I am down 6 lbs I went from 273 to 267 and I cant wait to get down into the 100's. Good luck to those of you who chose to buy this product, I am trying to persuade my friends into doing it, but they don't believe in talk, so when I am in a bikini this summer I will let the results speak for them selves.
February 8, 2011

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