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GNC Pets Ultra Mega Multivitamin Plus for All Cats - Chicken Flavor


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Life Stage: A- All Cats
  • Delicious gel with advanced support for general health& immune system
  • Key nutrients for healthy skin
  • Added antioxidants
This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Yummy Chicken Flavor

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Apply ½ to 1 inch of gel to your cat’s paw once daily. So yummy, you can even offer it directly from the tube.
National Animal Supplement Council


For more than 75 years, GNC has been the leader in the development and manufacture of human dietary supplements. Now, GNC's commitment carries over to Pet Products! GNC Pet Products are produced at the same highest quality standards as our human supplements and are dated to ensure that you are purchasing the freshest products available for the pets you love.


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Best Idea in a Long Time
My FIV-positive, 9-year-old tomcat actually likes this gel, laps it up daily with his evening meal, and, as a result, no longer has dry skin. In addition, his appetite has improved, less finickiness, and he appears to feel better.
January 20, 2017
My vet said a'ok
One review said there was too much vet read the ingredients and said it was a'ok for my 16 yr old cat. I've seen improvements in her since using the product.
My question for that reviewer who say to much sugar, are you a vet or self educated off the internet ??
September 12, 2016
Helps me keep my Persian cats healthy!
I give it at 1 inch per day, separated in am and pm dosing after kitties have eaten, provided to them on a spoon. They eat it right up.
September 28, 2013
Very palatable very easy and beneficial
I own Persian cats. I have a 13 yr old that has had bouts of illness, severe at that. After he has been ingesting this as a treat after an am and pm meal (I split the does to 1/2 inch each time), so that the vitamins are best absorbed then, he has had excellent blood values. It helped him pick up and maintain alongside veterinary care regularly and teeth cleaning. Other vitamins added to food, they would NOT ingest, so this is a great easy supplement to their needs daily.
May 26, 2013
I was shocked to find that the second listed ingredient in this product is SUGAR. The third listed ingredient is CORN SYRUP. Cats are carnivores and are even less equipped than humans to process sugar; indeed, they do not even have receptors that allow them to taste it. The only reason to add sugar to a product intended for felines is to produce hyperactivity that their owners may mistake as a beneficial response to the product being sold. It is sad that instead of prolonging the life and well being of the animal this product is likely to engender illness and result in a shorter life.
December 28, 2011
Not a good flavor
My cat wouldn't eat this, so I smelled it and it smells like vitamins. Not recommended.
November 28, 2011
:Purrrrty good!
Three cats like it and eat it from my finger or a plate. First cat vitamin supplement I have been able to get a cat to take.
November 23, 2010
Picky cat loves it!
My picky cat has been sickly for several months. His health seemed to turn around after starting this supplement. The vet says it shouldn't have made a difference, but I'm thinking maybe he doesn't understand the value of supplements like I do.
November 2, 2010