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GNC Pets Ultra Mega NOURISHCAT™ Premium Formula Liquid


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Size: 11 fl. oz.

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Life Stage: 3 - Senior Cats
  • Provides additional nourishment for older cats.
  • With key nutrients to maintain health.
  • Formulated with easy to digest milk protein.

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Feeding Directions:
Small Cats:2 - 4 ounces daily
Medium Cats:6 - 12 ounces daily
Large Cats:16 -24 ounces daily

Feed as a supplement with regular diet. May be fed separately, or mixed with food to increase palatability. Twice daily feeding is recommended. Amounts and feeding frequency may be adjusted to suit your individual pet.
National Animal Supplement Council


For more than 75 years, GNC has been the leader in the development and manufacture of human dietary supplements. Now, GNC's commitment carries over to Pet Products! GNC Pet Products are produced at the same highest quality standards as our human supplements and are dated to ensure that you are purchasing the freshest products available for the pets you love.


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this saved my elderly cats life!
I have an eldely orange tabby who the vets cant seem to diagnosis properly. And of course every visit was costing hundreds of dollars. So we decided to take matters into our hands & #1 priority was getting her weight back on. This formula..with a tablespoon of High Cal Booster put her back on the right track. She is hypothroid and possible beginning of kidney disease. We feed her twice a day approx. 24 ml with a syringe.
Plus she gets antibiotics twice a day. GNC products will save your pets life if they are refusing to eat. Syringe feed if necessary.
September 20, 2015
Elderly cat loves!
Our 18 year old has had cancer and kidney disease for 2 years. We have to consistently encourage her to eat and try to find the right food for her taste. She is very finicky and loves something one day and hates it the next. This liquid is very expensive, but our cat loves it.
November 23, 2015
NourishCat is a lifesaver!
This product is truly a miracle! My 19 y.o. tortie was refusing food and water, lost half her body weight in just a couple of days. I thought for sure that she was dying. Luckily, my brother recommended GNC's NourishCat (he gave it to his cat once), which I immediately purchased. PittyPat LOVED this liquid food! She practically finished a whole can in one sitting! I truly believe that this saved her life. She has since put back on most of her former body weight, and asks for her "juice" every day now! I HIGHLY recommend this product if your cat is refusing solid foods or has bad teeth/gums.
May 31, 2016
This stuff works
I have a very sick kitty in advanced kidney failure who dropped his weight to 8 lbs. he was throwing up and fading fast. Along with some nausea and appetite stimulating medication, we started feeding him 2 10 cc syringes of this liquid with a squirt of whipped cream to increase calories. He also is receiving subcutaneous fluids and of course some food he will eat. He went back and forth with his weight the went up. He is now 10 lbs and looking and feeling much better. He gets his supportive care but the nourishcat made a huge difference to help him stabilize his weight and condition. Thank you. This fluid is like gold. My vet now knows about and I let others know about it who have aging sick cats.
February 17, 2017
Kitty loves it
I purchased 2 cans of this nourishcat for my older cat. He really likes it. It is helping him keep weight on and stay healthier in his senior years. My other younger cat likes it too, he is always sticking his head in the bowl with the other cat so I started giving him his own bowl. This is a life saver for older cats who no longer eat as much as they used too.
November 30, 2016
I don't know how to rate this
The cat I purchased this for wouldn't touch it. She died Wednesday last week and I'm thinking it was Baytril that caused her death -- loss of appetite, liver problems.

My other cats slurped it down like it was the best stuff ever!
January 27, 2017