Brain, Memory and Mood Support Supplements

GNC offers a wide range of supplements that support brain and memory health and
help to maintain a balanced mood. Keep in mind, dietary supplements can interfere with medications, so be sure to review any supplement use with your healthcare provider first.

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Brain Support Supplements List
GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil 1400 + Brain Support

GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil 1400 plus Brain Support combines a total of 900mg of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are also necessary for optimal brain function. This supplement also includes ginkgo biloba, an herbal extract shown to support mental sharpness and increased peripheral blood flow.

GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized Ginkgo Biloba

May support mental sharpness.

Procera AVH® Memory

Procera AVH® Memory includes acetyl-L-carnitine, an amino acid that helps to support positive mood balance, and huperzine A, a naturally occurring compound from the Chinese club moss Huperzia serrate, that may help support memory retention.

GNC Choline 250

Supports brain, liver and cardiovascular health.


Activates receptors critical for brain function.

Jarrow Formulas® SAM-e 200

SAM-e is vital to the structure and activity of the neurotransmitters involved in normal brain and mood function. As a result, SAMe is a popular natural alternative for people seeking support for positive mood balance. SAM-e is a metabolite of methionine, an essential amino acid, and Jarrow Formulas® SAM-e contains 200mg of S-adenosyl methionine in each tablet.

GNC Vitamin C 1000

Provides support for immune health and natural resistance with 1000mg of vitamin C per serving. Essential for healthy bones, teeth, blood vessels and collagen.

GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized St. John's Wort

GNC Herbal Plus® Standardized St. John's Wort is a natural herb that provides dietary support for positive mood balance and may help promote general well-being. Each capsule contains 300mg St. John's Wort herb extract guaranteed to provide a minimum of 0.3% Hypericum 0.9mg. This active ingredient is considered by science to be the key ingredient responsible for the herb's health benefits.

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