Energy Supplements for Men

Energy supplements can help boost your metabolism, fuel your workouts, support calorie burning and mental focus in your daily life. GNC has a huge selection of energy products including drinks, gels, shots, chews and energy bars. Here is a selection of popular energy products for men.

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Men's Energy Supplements List

This advanced multivitamin is enhanced with a metabolism blend to help boost energy levels, mental focus and calorie burning. This clinically studied formula is packed with vitamin D-3, B-vitamins and premium antioxidants to support colon, prostate and overall men’s health.

ABB Performance Speed Stack®

Looking for a boost of energy before your workouts? Drink one ABB Performance Speed Stack® 20 minutes before exercise and continue sipping during your training. For daily energy, try taking one prior to or between meals up to three times per day. ABB Performance Speed Stack® delivers intense energy with no sugar and only five calories. It comes in a variety of flavors including Berry Bomb, Mango Peach, Blue Raspberry, Black Cherry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime and Grape Blast.

VPX® Redline®

Delivers an extended 7-hour energy boost with no sugar and zero carbs. Includes amino acids, vitamin C, folic acid and B vitamins in mouth-watering Peach Mango flavor.

GU™ Energy Gel

GU’s unique gel is ideal for runners and athletes who are looking for an energy boost while they run and workout. Try one pack of GU Energy Gel 15 minutes before exercise and then have another one after 30 to 45 minutes of training. GU helps athletes re-fuel during training with a proven carbohydrate formula and maximizes muscle recovery with amino acids. GU Energy Gel also includes antioxidants, chamomile and ginger and comes in a variety of flavors including Strawberry Banana, Chocolate Outrage, Vanilla Bean and Jet Blackberry.

This delicious blend lets you customize your amino and energy levels, from slow and steady to intense and concentrated. Each two-scoop serving supplies 5g micronized aminos to support protein synthesis and muscle recovery, plus an advanced blend to boost energy and focus.

A fast and portable way to add energy to your day. Each delicious, cherry-flavored soft chew delivers a 400mg taurine and caffeine blend, plus 1000mcg vitamin B-12 for hours of energy.

Quest Bars are our #1 protein bar for a reason. Packed with protein and fiber, these soft, low-carb bars contain no gluten, sugar, simple carbs or glycerin. They are available in a variety of delicious flavors, including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

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