Karl Gillingham: Professional Strongman / GNC Ambassador

GNC Ambassador Karl Gillingham has been competing in strongman competitions since 1998 and has won 15 pro strongman contests. Karl has traveled the world competing in over 70 national and international professional contests.

Karl is part of the “First Family of Strength” with his father Gale Gillingham, a former professional football player, and his brothers Wade and Brad Gillingham.

Why GNC?

Karl is a GNC Ambassador because he believes in the company and is a regular GNC customer. He tells us why:

Purchasing from GNC will ensure you will get the highest quality supplements from the most knowledgeable salespeople in the industry. You can also take advantage of special sales and Gold Card discounts to get the best value for your money.
Karl's Daily Diet Routine

What does a typical day of food and supplements look like for you?

7:00 amBreakfast consists of eggs and turkey sausage or uncured bacon with an avocado. I usually keep breakfast very low carb. I also drink a cup of tea or coffee to boost my metabolism.
11:30 amLate morning or early afternoon I work out and have my pre- and post-workout shakes.
2:30 pmAn hour after my post-workout shake, I eat lunch which is usually a few pieces of chicken, broccoli and rice or potatoes.
7:00 pmDinner is my biggest meal of the day. It involves large amounts of protein, potatoes and vegetables. I end the day with a Beyond Raw® RE-FEED protein shake at around 9:30.

How does that change during competition season versus off season?

In the off season, I do more carb-back loading or a paleo-type diet. During competition season, I eat a more balanced diet, but still try to stay low carb in the morning.

What advice would you have for someone who is just beginning to use sports supplements?

Stick with the basics. A good protein powder and a multivitamin is a must. Start with that and tweak your program from there.

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Karl's Favorite Products

Karl’s List reveals the ingredients and products that support his grueling workouts and power his successful career. All the products on his List can be bought at GNC.com and can be added to your My Lists page.

GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60™

GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 is the highest quality protein supplement currently available on the market. I use it to supplement my protein intake mid-morning and as a post-workout drink to aid in my recovery. Protein is a critical element in muscle growth. AMP Wheybolic 60 gives me what I need to be strong—60g of the highest quality protein that is loaded with BCAAs and is low in cholesterol.

GNC Mega Men® Multivitamins

I use GNC Mega Men® multivitamins as a daily supplement to make sure I am getting all the essential vitamins and minerals that I may not be receiving with daily food intake. I use it to support my health. I take this first thing in the morning.

GENr8™ Vitargo® S2

GENr8 Vitargo® S2 is part of my post-workout shake mixed with GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. It is a fast-acting carb to replace the glycogen in my muscles that gets depleted during a workout. This is especially used when I am manipulating my carb intake or doing carb-back loading.

GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil

I use GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil three times per day. It is good for anti-inflammatory support and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

GNC Niacin

I take niacin with my pre-workout drink to help warm up for a grueling workout as well as to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

GNC Vitamin D

I take Vitamin D during the winter months in Minnesota where there is not a huge amount of sunlight. It helps me maintain a positive mood and promotes muscle tone and strong bones.

GNC Vitamin C

I take Vitamin C for recovery and to stay healthy, especially during winter months.

Beyond Raw® RE-FEED

I use Beyond Raw® RE-FEED protein before bed as it is a slow-burning casein-based protein with herbal relaxers to help aid sleep and recovery.

MHP® Secretagogue-One™

MHP® Secretagogue-One is a supplement I use before bed on workout days. It helps me rest and supports recovery.

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