Lean. By Definition.

If slim is merely your starting point … If a lean, defined athletic look is what you’re after, then stock up. The look you want is within reach when you reach for the products and supplements that will support your goals.

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Once you know what you need, go right ahead and add this list of Lean Physique Supplements to your My Lists account and add these products directly to your GNC shopping cart. Yes, getting and staying lean can be just that quick and easy.

Lean Physique Supplements

This breakthrough protein formulation is scientifically designed to help you strive to achieve a lean, chiseled physique with ingredients clinically shown to fuel fat metabolism, improve body composition, accelerate lean muscle gains, increase muscle strength by 30% and support a 100% improvement in exercise efficiency! This ultra-clean formula features zero artificial sweeteners, colors, fillers, cholesterol or stimulants with an advanced digestive support blend shown to improve digestive comfort and bloating.


Meta-Ignite™ Inferno is scientifically designed to simultaneously boost metabolism and calorie burning by 300%,* activate mental sharpness for improved reaction time and increase stamina during fat-burning workouts. The result: extreme intensity to fuel power-packed workouts as you strive for dynamic fat loss and an ultra-ripped physique. Check out this cutting-edge blend containing caffeine, Capsimax™, ginkgo biloba, grape seed, green tea and more.

GNC GENETIXHD™ Pro-Sculpt™ – Blue Raspberry

Pro-Sculpt is the premier supplement to fuel your workouts as you strive for that next level of detail and definition. Taken daily in the morning or before workouts, Pro-Sculpt provides a blast of thermogenic amplifiers to push calorie burning to extreme levels, while micronized amino acids prime your body and fuel lean, toned muscles.

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◊When used in conjunction with a resistance training program.

In an 8-week randomized double-blind study of 30 healthy male volunteers comparing 1 set of resistance training (RT) + active or carbohydrate placebo to 2 sets RT alone with no supplement, the active group showed equal gains in maximal muscle strength (MMS) and muscle endurance (ME) compared to control group.

An 8-week study of athletes performing an intense resistance exercise training regimen demonstrated that those using this proprietary module of whey protein and leucine had greater increases in muscle strength and size than those on a placebo.