Body Cleanse Products
GNC offers a wide range of body cleanse products including 2-day, 7-day, 14-day and pre-diet cleanse options … and more. You have a number of choices if you are looking to cleanse from within to help kick-start health and wellness.
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Body Cleanse Products List
GNC Preventive Nutrition® Complete Body Cleansing Program - 2 Day Liquid Formula
Two-day formula features a proprietary blends of herbs, fruits and vegetables. Each serving provides healthy cleansing benefits and provides five grams of all-natural, premium fiber to support daily digestive health.
GNC Preventive Nutrition® Complete Body Cleansing Program - 7 Day Program
This seven-day comprehensive cleansing program is designed to support overall wellness and digestive health with both daytime and nighttime formulas and a probiotic and fiber blend.
  • AM Formula — Each AM Formula packet contains a Gastro Formula, Total Cleanser and Enzyme Blend and combines specialized herbs such as ginger, artichoke and pomegranate with fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to help enhance intestinal health. It also provides digestive enzymes to help promote protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  • PM Formula — Each PM Formula packet supplies a Blood Circulation Formula, Liver Cleanser, Kidney Health Formula, Enzyme Blend and blends popular herbs, including cayenne, goldenseal and milk thistle, which support liver function. It also provides digestive enzymes that help promote digestion, and antioxidant herbs such as green tea and grape seed extract.
  • Probiotic and Fiber Blend — These beneficial flora support healthy immune function and support overall digestive health. Unlike other fiber products that typically target the end of the colon, this fiber and probiotic blend is site-specific, providing fibers that work at the beginning, middle and end of the large intestines. By offering this diverse group of fibers, this patented formula helps to improve bowel cleansing without urgency or discomfort.
GNC Preventive Nutrition® Advanced Complete Body Cleansing Program - 14 Day Program
Features an advanced, three-stage cleanse that gently supports overall digestive health without fasting:
  • 1st Stage: Cleanse and purify with a liquid blend of herbs, fruits and vegetables that gently removes toxins
  • 2nd Stage: Detox with a natural herbal cleanse and Sunfiber® to improve regularity
  • 3rd Stage: Restore with high-potency probiotics shown to reduce bloating and stomach discomfort
GNC Total Lean™ 2-Day Juice Cleanse - Refreshing Fruit Cocktail
A great-tasting blend of superfoods, juices, herbs and vitamins designed to jump-start a new diet plan or simply detoxify and rejuvenate your body.