Did you know?

Did you know that many herbs are associated with a wide variety of health benefits, and that GNC offers a wide selection of herbs including ginkgo biloba, milk thistle, saw palmetto, and green tea? The herbs on GNC.com come in a variety of potencies, ingredients, and delivery methods. Browse our herbs section and find the right products for you today.

Fact - ginkgo biloba is the world’s oldest living species of tree. Also – did you know that ginkgo biloba may help to support mental sharpness and helps to support blood flow to the brain and extremities? These are just a few of the benefits found in ginkgo biloba.

Have you ever wondered why you should take milk thistle? Well, milk thistle supplies the active ingredient, silymarin, to help support healthy liver function. Also, milk thistle comes in a variety of delivery methods including liquids and capsules.

Saw palmetto is another one of GNC’s most popular herbs. Saw palmetto is shown to provide dietary support for prostate health. Since approximately half of all men at age 50 experience prostate concerns which increase with age it is important to be educated on the benefits of saw palmetto.

Green tea provides antioxidant support and may help protect cellular membranes against the injurious effects of excessive free radicals. As you might know, green tea contains caffeine which is problematic for some consumes. Do not fret; decaffeinated green teas will not lose their antioxidants, as they will still contain the polyphenols.

Today, more people than ever consumers are turning to natural health solutions, from herb supplements to super food formulas. When it comes to buying herbs and natural products online, GNC.com is the best choice. We are home to hundreds of natural supplements for digestion, cleansing, immunity support, and more. Do your body a favor and take a natural approach to your health.