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Size: 60 Wafers

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Attentive child™
Enhances Mental Concentration*
60 chewable wafers

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    Sweet & Tart

    Studies have shown that very active children may have special dietary needs. Source Naturals Attentivechild™ is designed to support your child’s ability to focus – and kids love the sweet and tart taste! DMAE, a substance normally found in the brain, has been shown to help enhance mental concentration. Magnesium plays a role in neuromuscular transmission and activity. L-Aspartate, an amino acid, acts as a neurotransmitter. Grape seed extract is rich in procyanidins, which have powerful antioxidant activity, and phosphatidylserine is a vital component of cell membranes, including those in the brain.*

    Suitable for vegetarians.

    ††Xylitol and fructose have a low impact on blood sugar levels.*


    For ages 5 and up. Take as follows, depending on your child's weight: <75 lb. = 1 to 2 wafers daily, 75 to 125 lb. = 2 to 3 wafers daily, >125 lb. = 3 to 4 wafers daily. Chew wafers thoroughly.


    Consult your physician prior to using this product it you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, under 18 years of age or have a medical condition. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN., If your child has epilepsy, consult your physician before using this product., Do not use if either tamper-evident seal is broken or missing.

    Other Ingredients

    crystalline fructose††, xylitol††, Stearic Acid, natural peach flavor, Citric Acid, Natural Orange Flavor, Magnesium Stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide, natural chocolate and cherry flavors


    Store in a cool dry place.
    is a trademark if Degussa Food Ingredients US, LLC.
    Protected by US Patent number 5,900,409.

    Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size  2 Wafers
    Servings Per Container  30

    Amount Per Serving     % DV

    Calories 15  

    Total Carbohydrate 4g   1%
    Sugars†† 2g  

    Magnesium (from magnesium aspartate) 120 mg   30%
    Zinc (as Zinc Picolinate) 2 mg   13%

    L-Aspartate (from magnesium aspartate)  310 mg   **
    DMAE (as DMAE bitartrate)  100 mg   **
    Leci-PS® Soybean Extract  50 mg   **
       Phosphatidylcholine   **
       Phosphatidylethanolamine   **
       Phosphatidylinositol   **
    Grape Seed Extract  15 mg   **

    ** Daily Value (DV) not established.


    4.3 / 5.0
    17 Reviews
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    Very very impressed with results
    I was a very stressed out, tired momma of a extremely hyper, anxious, little 7 year old boy. He has not been clinically diagnosed with ADHD but every teacher, every friend and every family member I have is certain that he suffers with it. His mood swings were out of control. He almost failed kindergarten as well as the 1st grade. At the start of 2nd grade, I knew I had to do something to really help him. I was to the point of wanting him on medication. I was in GNC getting vitamins and I saw this on sale. I bought it and am so thankful to God I did. Our life is literally different!! He takes 1 at night and 1 in the morning with fish oil. He is so calm, is doing great in school, is so happy, asks to go to bed and sleeps all night, wakes up ready to go and start the day. He even asked me about getting on a baseball team !! Something he couldn't do before bc he couldn't focus long enough :( I am sold on this! I have recommended this to all my friends and family for their children.
    August 31, 2013
    Great Product
    This is a great product. My 8 year old son has been taking it to help with his ADHD. Wow what a difference. I did a trial where he was on it for a couple of weeks and then off of it without telling anyone which weeks were which. His teachers and grandparents noticed a significant difference in the weeks. Like the other reviews it does taste very bad. I crush it up and mix it with tablespoon of applesauce with cinnamon added and my son says he can't taste it and eats it no problem.
    March 22, 2015
    Very impressive results
    We have been using this product for several years. Our son (11 years old) has Aspergers, ADHD, Sensory integration disorder, and socialization disorder. He takes 2 every day in the morning. I can really tell the difference if he doesn't take them. They help him to be calmer, remain focused longer, and just be in a better mood. (He also takes 3 other medications and a children's multivitamin)
    May 4, 2012
    Attentive child vitamins!
    These vitamins have helped my daughter become a honor roll student for the 1st time!! woo hoo
    She is in the 5th grade should be in the 6th, struggled every year but now she is on the honor roll because of these!! I highly recommend these!!
    September 26, 2014
    True believer!!!!!!!
    I am a true believer this really works!!!! I started noticing a difference in my son at home. The teacher started contacting me everyday. He could not cooperate with the simplest tasks. Like you could tell him to sit up in the chair and I was the hardest thing for him. I started researching and found attentive child. I read a lot of the parent reviews and thought it would not hurt to try. Within weeks I strated seeing a difference and the calls from the teacher stopped. I started getting the good calls. I had him on them for months and he even received an award in school for good behavior. But.... We ran out and I thought he would be fine. Boy was I wrong the calls have started and he is the behavior is more aggressive. Started him back and praying for these few weeks to go fast. I will not make this mistake again
    March 16, 2015
    My son has ADHD
    My son is battling ADHD and we are trying not to put him on medication. We are using this in combination with Fish oil. He is doing much better in school and at home with sitting still & listening but he hates the taste (peach) and the fact that they are so big. The smaller ones have no flavor. But they do work.
    April 5, 2011
    it works
    I bought this quite a while ago. However, my daughter took one pill and almost vomited. It wasn't until months after that I research that children with ADHD needed a mega thon of vitamins. Then I became created with the taste so I scratch it and mix it with chocolate pudding. IT works! she is only taking then for 2 weeks almost 3 weeks, she is a total different child. Able to concentrate, complete task, able to eat! I just love it!!!
    July 1, 2014
    Natural Supplement for Teens
    We take the recommended for our weight every day. Seem to be able to concentrate a little better and has improved mood or outlook
    January 3, 2014
    I would buy this product again.
    I bought this product to help my daughter who is six stay focused at school. My daughter has been taking the Attentive Child supplement for 30 days, I have noticed a slight improvement with her staying on task with activities at home and school.
    March 14, 2011
    I would buy this product again and again
    When my son started kindergarten. He diagnosed with attention deficit and hyperactivity. Everything is great about this product.
    June 1, 2014

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