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Super-Premium Muscle Fuel*
  • Contains an electrolyte complex (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc) needed during rigorous exercise for hydration*
  • Contains small, medium and large carbohydrates, for an instant and long lasting energizing effect*
  • Pteropro™ is a scientifically proven anti-oxidant and carbohydrate-synthesizing technology*
All serious athletes require fast, medium and slow acting carbohydrates before, during and after intense exercise or competition. For over 40 years, sports nutritionists have touted the benefits of carbohydrate intake to improve performance and recovery.*
With Prosupps® Karbolic™, we are far more interested in providing you with better results in the gym and on the field through research based technology, proven to deliver the highest level of efficacy and results. We partnered with JW Nutritional to jointly develop a proprietary, nutrient partitioning, anti-oxidant ingredient that was specifically designed to meed the heightened metabolic demands of all types of serious athletes and to synergize specifically with carbohydrates to enhance intra-cellular muscle volume and carbohydrate loading. PteroPro™ is a scientifically designed extract that contains ingredients backed by more than one hundred clinical and basic research studies... Peer-reviewed studies that are published in prestigious journals done on real human subjects.*
It's your body, it's your choice... Choose Karbolic™.

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Prior to Exercise: Consume 1/2 serving of Karbolic™ with 16-oz of cold water 45 minutes before exercise.
Immediately following exercise: Consume 1 serving of Karbolic™ to replenish glycogen levels and drastically enhance recovery. If you prefer, you can mix 1 serving of Karbolic™ with your favorite protein powder for an ideal meal replacement shake
Advanced Users Only: For skin-splitting muscle pumps, stack ProSupps® I-Load™ with 1-2 scoops of Karbolic™ 30 minutes prior to exercise.
Manufactured for and distributed by:
ProSupps USA, LLC. 601 Century Parkway Suite 300
Allen, TX 75013


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Carbs are good for you!
I normally use Karbolic post workout to get the instant carbs in. I mix it with protein which I use TCF Isolate also by pro supps and taste great. Does'n upset my stomach like some supplements do and helps recovery. Highly reccomend. (Great post crossfit wods)
May 28, 2014
Such a great easy way to replenish glycogen after a tough workout!! a go to for all my post workout needs along with TCF isolate!!
March 17, 2014
good easy source of carbs
Ok I have to admit, as a woman I was super scared to try Karbolic because I was afraid carbs would make me gain weight. WRONG! This product helped my workouts so much. I had way more strength and it also helped with my recovery. After seeing my results my figure coach (who writes a very strict meal plan for me) encourage me to continue using it both pre and post workout. I feel this product has helped me add muscle this off season!!
January 21, 2014
Orange Creamsicle
Best tasting carb powder. Amazing when mixed with vanilla protein powder, tastes like dessert. Effective product & easy to use as meal replacement if needed.
January 20, 2014
Taste like Candy
Take 1 scoop if im running late for breakfast and a shake, and during workout with my BCAAS
January 6, 2014
Tastes great and mixes great. Great pump when taken before and great recovery when taken after
November 4, 2013