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  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid.
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass.
  • Enhances your diet and supports your metabolism.
  • Supports healthy body composition.

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As a dietary supplement, take two softgel capsules once or twice daily.


For adult use only. Do not use product if you are pregnant or lactating. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using this product., Keep out of reach of children

Other Ingredients

Gelatin, Glycerin


Store in a cool, dry place.
General Nutrition Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  2 Softgel Capsules
Servings Per Container  45

Amount Per Serving     % DV

Calories 25  
  Calories from Fat 25  

Total Fat 2.5g   4%

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) (from Safflower Oil)  2000 mg   **

** Daily Value (DV) not established.


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Highly recommend
I am a 56 yr old female that only has about 10-15 lbs to lose. Decided to try CLA based on a sale that GNC had (BOGO half price) and after reading reviews on the internet about CLA. I started slowly (1 pill a day) and after about a week, I saw a definite improvement on belly fat (lost abt half an inch)but also noticed another positive side affect. I have a touch of arthritis in one of my little fingers, that can be quite painful at times. I noticed that after taking the CLA for about a week, the pain had greatly subsided in my finger. Not sure if it was the CLA, I stopped using for about 3 days, and the pain returned. After researching the internet again, I read more carefully and found that Conjugated Linoleic Acid is best known for anti-cancer properties as well as helping to fight inflammation, which can cause a multitude of ailments, including arthritis. I promptly started taking the supplement again and have just increased to 2 pills a day. My belly and thigh fat have decreased as well as the pain in my finger. Have also lost about 4 lbs in 2 weeks, so I intend to continue to take. Will post review again in another month or two after a longer trial of product, but at this point, I HIGHLY recommend.
October 26, 2011
It really works !!!
I went to my local GNC store here in Pa. on 4/18/2014. After I watched a repeat of The Dr. Oz show and he talked about the CLA supplement. I have used other supplements that he or other medical professionals mentioned on his show before.Such as the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones. And it worked great for me. I went from a 182 lbs to 147 lbs. in 7 months. But I did more than just take the those supplements. I also implemented a exercise routine and started eating a more healthy diet which made all the different. Now Because I made an error and slacked off exercising and eating right I did gain a few lbs back. That was totally on me. But Since I started taking the CLA on 4/18/2014 and as of today May 2nd 2014 I have lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks. But I also started back eating healthy and exercising along with taking the CLA as directed. I have just 8lbs more to go before I'm back down to 147 lbs. Yes The CLA really does works at least for me it does. The most very important point I need to make with everyone here is no matter what supplements that you take. You have to do the work by eating right and exercising. You have to find the right supplements,healthy eating and exercise plan that works for you. Best wishes to all.
May 1, 2014
perfect addition to my diet
I been using this product for 6 months. i take it once before working out. I been taking it with my diet and working out. in the first month i lost 19lbs. it really helps with belly fat. It doesnt have any side effects. Its really good for anyone who needs a little extra help.
February 19, 2013
Reduces Stomach Fat!!!
Everyone should be taking this GNC CLA. I'm convinced it works after cycling on and off it several times. In conjunction with a healthy diet seems to help cut body fat especially around the stomach area.
April 14, 2017
Does what it says
When I began taking this two months ago, I was already at a healthy weight and working out every day. I just didn't like my body composition. I hadn't achieved the long lean muscles that I was going for through diet and exercise alone. After taking this for two months, I can tell that my muscles look more cut and defined, my stomach seems to be flatter and leaner, and I can tell a boost to my endurance and stamina. To me, this product does what it says on the bottle. I don't think it is some "miracle weight loss" supplement because those are all bunk. I do believe this supplement will enhance already exsisting lifestyle efforts toward a lean, more supple, and toned muscle mass.
November 6, 2014
Great for AB reduction
I take two capsules in the morning and two at bedtime. Not only has it helped remove excess belly fat, but good for muscle tone. I started taking GNC Pro Performance, but found Total Lean to be more effective at trimming the mid-section. I workout five days and eat a high protein low carb diet.
I went from a 36" waist to now a 32".
June 30, 2012
Really works!
I began using CLA by taking 2 capsules (2000 mg)of CLA each morning. I took this along with Raspberry Ketone capsules. After taking both products for two months, I noticed that I hadn't lost any weight--had no weight loss or visual bodily changes. I discontinued the Raspberry Ketones and I increased the CLA to 4 capsules per day-two in the morning and two at dinner. After two weeks I began to notice some changes to my body. After 6 weeks, I had really lost a few pounds, but more importantly, I lost inches of fat all over my body. I've taken CLA for 5 months now and I've lost more pounds/inches. I've even gone down a dress size--almst two sizes!
March 11, 2013
Excellent Product
Been using this for 2 months now. Even though it is supposed to boost metabolism it actually curbs my appetite. Will continue to use.
November 30, 2014
love it!!!
I love this product!! It really does work. Have patience. I saw results in 4-6weeks. Great supplement for those whowant to lose weight. Pills are big may be a little hard to swallow.
February 10, 2013
Amasing Bladder Contol Results
I started taking this product 2 yrs ago ,but not faithfully, Then I become border line diabetic so I got me a treadmill in Dec,2011 and went back to GNC STORE and got me a BIG CONTAINER of CLA take them faithfully everyday and i can now control my bladder muscles from leakage, and LORD BEHOLD the COMMENTS I GET ABOUT MY ARMS,LEGS MUSCLES, with treadmill and GNC TOTAL LEAN,I'VE GONE FROM 206LB SZ 16/18 TO 162LB 8/10SZ FROM 49 1/2 BODYFAT TO 25.6 BODYFAT FROM DEC-11 TO DATE 8/12 WOULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT NOW THANK YOU GNC
August 24, 2012

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