Product Detail Page

Our Product Detail pages contain all the information you need to learn more about a product. Most Product Detail pages have links to information that will help you choose the product that's right for you. Check out all the features of a Product Detail page below:

  • Pricing Information is located at the top of the page. You will see a Regular Price, a Sale Price if the item is on sale, and a GNC Member Price.
  • Images offer you a visual of the product. You can see a larger view of the product by clicking on the image or the "Enhanced View" tab.
  • Product Descriptions give you detailed information pertaining to the product. The description appears as the first tab of information below the pricing information and images.
  • Regional Images are available for many products. These are alternate views of the product, so you can see different angles or parts of it. Simply click on one of the alternate images to get a larger view of it.
  • Also Available in menu offers alternative sizes, flavors or formulas that are available for a particular product.
  • Item Availability is displayed under the Pricing Information. This tells you if the product is In-Stock or Back-ordered.
  • Reminders are available if you want to be notified when it's time to replenish your product. Clicking on the box and adding the product to your cart ensures that you will receive a replenishment reminder in the email for that particular product.
  • Related Products offer you the chance to add products to your cart that complement the product you are interested in buying.
  • Articles, Clinical Data, Q&A, Special Information and Ingredients provide additional information related to a product. If these tools are available, you will see the information displayed in tabs next to the product description.
  • Labels of many products can be viewed by selecting the "Label" tab.