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Size: 100 Packets

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What is Stevia?

The Indians of Paraguay have used Stevia for centuries. Europeans first learned of Stevia when the Spanish Conquistadors of the sixteenth century sent word to Spain that the natives of South America had used the plant. Stevia is a fairly unassuming perennial shrub of the aster family (Asteraceae), native to the northern regions of South America. It is now being grown in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Central America, the United States, Israel, Thailand and China. Great care must be taken during production of Stevia extract to produce a high quality extract. This pertains as much to extraction as it does to milling. This is the type of quality control that goes into NuNaturals' Stevia extracts.

NuStevia White Stevia Powder uses maltodextrin which is a food grade carbohydrate derived from corn. It is tasteless, so it is the perfect medium to use to use with the extract. It is added to make it easier to measure the Stevia Extract. This form is perfect for sprinkling on cereal, yogurt as well as mixing in beverages. One quarter to three quarters of a teaspoon is the recommended serving.

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Add 1 packet directly to your food or beverage.

Other Ingredients

Maltodextrin, Natural Flavors
NuNaturals, Inc.
2220 West 2nd Ave #1
Eugene, OR 97402

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  1 Packet
Servings Per Container  100

Amount Per Serving     % DV

Calories 0  

Total Fat 0  
Sodium 0  
Total Carbohydrate 1g  
  Sugars 1g  

Stevia Extract  80 mg   **

** Daily Value (DV) not established.


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This is my favorite brand of stevia. It is not bitter and it dissolves well.
February 14, 2010
Incredible Product!
We have been using less than favorable sweeteners for our hot beverages, for over 10 years now, until we discovered this product. We've also tried other Stevia products from a variety of other companies but they all seem to leave an aftertaste which is always quite unpleasant.

However... NuStevia is DELICIOUS!!
February 20, 2012
We will buy this product again
Better then sugar
October 21, 2011
Very Good Flavor
Use in tea, smoothies, and now in muffins. A much healthier choice than sugar or chemical sugar substitutes. I wish there were more products available that used stevia.
June 21, 2011
Love NuStevia
I use this in my coffee each morning. Love the taste. 1 packet will do the job; whereas 2 packets of other sweetener was needed before. I am very pleased with it and have no desire to change anything about it. Thanks.
August 23, 2010
I use this product everyday
I use this product everyday in place of sugar or other sweetners, i like it better than suger, and other sweetners are loaded with chemicals i would rather not put into my body... We are all exposed to so many unnessasary toxins everyday, so i try to make better choices where ever i can.
August 22, 2010
Best Tasting Stevia!!!
NuStevai is the best tasting stevia brand I've tried. I did find that if you don't use enough, it can taste bitter, so I used more of this than I do of the "pink" stuff. There's no after taste, it dissolves well in iced drinks and I love it.
March 31, 2010
its healthy
i just dont want to use the sugar subtitutes that have aspertene in them, i know Stevia dont. so i use it. im glad i can get stevia at GMC. thank you. Connie Strock
October 2, 2013
excellent product
Stevia is an excellent product for those who are diabetics or watching their sugar intake.
September 24, 2013
Great Sweetener
Expensive but Great no calorie sweetener.
September 18, 2010