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Healthy Skin Action Plan

Often considered a challenge for teenagers, acne can affect women and men of all ages. Such skin problems often result from a combination of hormone stimulation, an increase in sebum production, bacteria, stress and poor diet. However, with proper nutrition, healthy stress-reduction techniques, select nutrients and other strategies, blemishes can be both controlled and prevented.
  • Along with Futurebiotics AcneAdvance™ and a comprehensive multi-vitamin, eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein.
  • Increase intake of foods naturally high in vitamin A (dark colored fruits & vegetables, lean protein) and zinc (nuts & legumes) as both are important to skin health.
  • Avoid refined and/or concentrated simple sugars and iodine.

Physical Activity
  • Exercise can help reduce stress and increase circulation. Get at least30 minutes of daily aerobic exercise. Exercise also benefits the skin and aids in maintaining a clean, youthful complexion.

Complementary Therapies
  • Stress can play havoc with your complexion. Simple deep breathing exercises or meditation can help reduce stress. (see
  • To help reduce the incidence of hyperpigmentation, the dark spots left over from healed blemishes, use SPF 15 sun protection on exposed areas and reapply throughout the day.
Do's and Don'ts
  • Drink plenty of clean, pure water to help flush toxins and keep skinhydrated.
  • Chronic use of antibiotics often triggers intestinal overgrowth of theyeast Candida albicans. This chronic yeast condition may actually make acne worse and should be treated if present.
  • Clean skin gently. Over-washing is actually irritating and excess irritation can worsen acne. Use bare hands to wash and only wash twice a day.
  • Wash your pillowcase regularly in chemical-free detergents.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics. When possible, use products that are labeled as noncomedogenic (not tending to clog pores)

Measure Your Progress

Clear, healthy skin is possible regardless of your age. With propernutrition, exercise, good hygiene and effective stress reduction techniques, you will see a visible difference that benefits both your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Praventin® Patent-pending, clinically proven to reduce blemishes and redness
  • LinumLife® Phytoestrogen lignans from Flax, clinically shown to help balance hormones
  • Natural "skin support" herbs and select nutrients including Zinc.

    Clinical research has shown that the ingredients in AcneAdvance™, including Praventin®, LinumLife® and Zinc help improve the look of skin by helping to balance hormone levels and by reducing redness and inflammation associated with a poor complexion.

    Praventin® is a patent-pending, natural protein complex derived from milk. Clinical studies have shown that Praventin® significantly reduced blemishes, with visual results seen within two weeks. This all-natural ingredient promotes a healthier complexion by enhancing the body'snatural defenses to assist in fighting bacteria, reducing redness from inflammation, and helping to repair damaged cells caused by blemishes.

    LinumLife® Complex provides lignans from Flax, a well-recognized group of phytoestrogens with estrogenic and anti-estrogenic action, which may help in the treatment of acne.

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    love these vitamins
    By Anita.fp83 from Springfield,mass on 2/13/2011
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    Comments about FUTUREBIOTICS Futurebiotics ACNEADVANCE:

    These vitamins along with a multi vitamin really clear skin. Within a month I noticed a complete change in my skin, even the oil production was decreased!!! If these were to be discontinued I'd be severely depressed. Please give these a try they do work along with change of diet and a multi vitamin.

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