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Açaí Soft Chew Antioxidant Formula
300 mg of Super Concentrated Açaí Fruit Per Soft Chew
Rich in Anthocyanins & Polyphenols, Two of Nature's Most Potent Antioxidants*
Sustainable Harvested from the Amazon Rainforest
A Member of the Superfruit Family

Garden Greens™ AçaíBlast™ gives you all the benefits of Açaí fruit in one delicious soft chew. The Açaí fruit grows on top of lush palm trees in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Açaí is considered to be part of the superfruit category because it is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanins, two of nature's most powerful antioxidants.

The Açaí fruit has been treasured by generations of South American Indians for its energizing health benefits. The Indians crush and strain the Açaí fruit to either drink it as a refreshing beverage of mix it with bananas as a nutritious meal. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the antioxidant rich Açaí fruit in a delicious soft chew. Garden Greens™ ... your gold standard for concentrated food supplements.

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Enjoy one chew daily as a dietary supplement.


Consult your physician prior to using this product it you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, under 18 years of age or have a medical condition. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Other Ingredients

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Palm Oil, Soy Lecithin, Corn Starch, Glycerin, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural Flavor, natural colors from fruits and vegetables


Store at a controlled room temperature of 15-30°C/59°-86°F, Protect from heat, light, and moisture., Do not use if inner safety seal is broken.
©2008 Garden Greens™
All rights reserved. Made in the USA.
6 Henderson Drive, West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  1 Chew
Servings Per Container  30

Amount Per Serving     % DV

Calories 20  

Total Carbohydrate 4g   1%
  Sugars 3g  

Acai Juice Powder  300 mg   **

** Daily Value (DV) not established.


4.6 / 5.0
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Would't go without it!
I have been taking this for a few years now, I used to get cysts and they hurt, something in this STOPPED the Cysts and as long as I chew 1 a day, I am cyst free!!
April 2, 2011
I love it!
While I was on Spring Break this past week, I ended up having a sinus/allergy attack. And usually when that happens, I can't really function that well. I had every intention of catching up with my school work from when I missed earlier this semester (I had the flu the second week of school). But because of the attack, all I ended up doing was resting and/or sleeping. On Saturday (the 19th) we needed to get out of the house for a bit. For the past month, I have been trying to get myself healthier by taking a multivitamin, also from GNC, and now I just found out I kept getting sick because my immune system isn't what it should be (I'm learning more about this stuff I'm a rookie). We went to GNC and the worker offered me a sample of the AcaiBlast. I'm very iffy about trying new things like that, but I was happy with the taste. So I went ahead and bought a package, with the intention of returning it, I'm also skeptical too. Well, by the time I reached the car, I had felt more awake than I did earlier. Fyi, it only took me about 5 minutes to get to the car after taking the chew. I didn't feel a burst of energy or anything, but I felt better. I did however, go home and take a nap. Sunday, I woke up and I was actually awake. I started doing things I wanted to while I was on Spring Break like homework, cleaning the house, etc., but didn't get to to do because I was sick. And no nap was needed. I was even up until about midnight cleaning. I thought, well okay I'm going to be dragging in the morning because I stayed up so late. But when I woke up at 6:30 this morning , I was awake. Again, no burst of energy, but awake. I cleaned the kitchen (some more), got laundry in the dryer, got myself and my son ready for school. Once he was on the bus, I went to my campus and went for a morning walk. Those are things I have not had enough energy to do all in one day before. Also, when I weighed myself this morning, the scale had told me I went up 2 lbs, however, my jeans were very loose. I've been told that acai is supposed to help with weight we'll see. Anyway, I am still taking the multivitamin, but for that weekend, I hadn't taken anything at all. And I had those results. I'm hoping that this isn't a one time fluke and I will continue to feel awake every morning. Another thing too, while I was in class, I felt more alert. Sorry for the long review. But I wanted to put this on here just in case there are others who are like me, and want to get healthier and don't know where to start :).
March 20, 2011
wonderful for children!!
I give a chewable to my three year old everyday. I want her to know about antioxidants and get in the habit of taking them regularly. She loves the taste of them. Perfect for a snack or anytime.
December 21, 2009
Healthy Product???
These taste wonderful - very fruity. I was eating them one after another until reading the label. They CONTAIN CORN SYRUP AND SUGAR, both unhealthy sweeteners according to what I have heard. In my opinion, GNC needs to reformulate this product (AND ANY OTHERS containing the above sweeteners) substituting unprocessed Stevia and Xylitol.
January 1, 2010
Tastes great
Tastes amazing. I eat it like candy...
February 11, 2013
i would buy this product again and again
candy snack
January 6, 2013
Delicious and they work!
First time I used this product and I would buy again. These taste delicious, curb my appetite and give me energy.
September 19, 2012
Couldn't stop eating them!
The taste reminded me of a grape chew but not as sugary.
June 23, 2013
Very good product
July 1, 2012
Sweet & Nice
Only one Word, Energy.
June 23, 2012

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