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Stress - Survival Kit
  • Relax During the Day, Sleep at Night!*
  • Clinically Validated Ingredients
  • Inside: Cope Rx Stress Management Tips
Feeling Stressed? You’re Not Alone. With today’s economic uncertainty, we are facing more stressors than ever before. Anxiety and worry can interfere with our ability to cope during the day and fall asleep at night. Lack of sleep can lead to feeling fatigued the next day. Under these conditions, our mood can sour and we may begin to feel overwhelmed.*

Take Control and Feel Better, Naturally. Introducing Natrol® Stress & Anxiety Day/Nite formulas. The DAY formula contains 5-HTP, L-Theanine and B-vitamins that support relaxation and feelings of happiness. By helping to reduce anxiety, it also promotes a more relaxed transition to evening activities. The Nite formula features Melatonin and L-Glutamine as well as Valerian and Grape Seed extracts. Scientific evidence suggests that this formula may help reduce nighttime anxiety so you can fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. Powerful antioxidants help restore and repair your body’s cells while you are sleeping.*

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Store in a cool dry place.

Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA


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Excellent product for its listed use
product works as advertised, i had panic attacks and was very desperate to find a non prescription alternative. Found this product and tried it and worked great after first days dose
Highly recommended
February 4, 2014
Works great!
After seeing several doctors for my General Anxiety Disorder and them trying to prescribe me many antianxiety drugs, I turned to a more natural route. This supplement has helped me so much with my anxiety. I take half of the day formula in the morning and half of the night formula before bed, so far that dose has been working great, I plan on staying on that dose until I feel I need or want to up the dose. This truly does work, I take it in combination with BComplex and Vit C, Good luck!!!
May 26, 2011
Works Well
So this product is great. the taste and smell are kinda gross. specially the night one. But, omg, it does wonders. I'm less stressed and the night one makes me sleep really well and it doesn't feel like you took a medicine that has a drowsing affect. I slept normally, and woke up feeling good. and the day one gives me energy and my attitude towards things has changed and I've become less stressed and more positive.
July 7, 2015
I have seen many doctors and I hate being doped up for OCD, anxiety and Depression. I love life now with these pills! My racing thoughts an OCD going away. Thanks to this formal.
January 23, 2012
Works Well!
I grabbed this product for my fiancee who has a high stress work life. Since at the time it was buy one get one half price I opted for a second one. After the first day I did notice I was a bit more drowsy, but I assume that was due to actually getting rest. By day three I am feeling great during the day and sleeping like a log! I think what would make this product 5 stars would be better labeling on the packages and perhaps finding some way to cut the smell of the nighttime pill. Otherwise it works great!
January 2, 2013
Really Helps
This product has really helped me sleep throughout the night. I usually cut the overnight pill in half and it helps me sleep through the night.
December 6, 2011
Worked a Miracle!!
Since my daughter passed away in June of this year due to a tragic accident and getting the dreaded 2am knock on the door I have had anxiety beyond belief. I took these supplements and after only 3 days I felt like myself again, at least where the stress was concerned. For over 5 months I have not been able to sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night and I woke EVERY night at 2am. Thanks to this product I am getting 5-6 hours asleep at night and for the most part I now sleep past the 2 o'clock time. And now my son is taking it and he sees a difference too. Thank you Natrol!!

December 12, 2016
Calm & Focused!
When I started taking this both formulas worked great, then over time, the Nite formula quit working for me...still restless at nite w/ waking up after about 4-6 hrs sleep.
Day formula still works great & calms my anxiety when I leave the house.
July 21, 2011
This product help me when I was having a really tough time, the night time pill worked great, but smell funny, but overall excellent product.
February 14, 2010
Miracle Worker
I have severe chest pain over the past several days coming from bad nerves. I was almost at the point of going to the doctor I was in so much pain, went to my local GNC and purchased, took one with a meal, NO MORE CHEST PAIN!! I am so impressed and happy :)
Thank you GNC!!
October 3, 2016

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