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Good so Far
Taste isnâ??t bad. Only been a couple weeks so Weâ??ll see how it actually works a little further down the road.
December 4, 2017
2 months ago
Creatine pulls water into muscle in the middle of work out. Leaves me itch dry mouth. Testofen made it smell like caramel. Switch to isopeptide
October 1, 2017
4 months ago
Excellent Protein Powder
I was lucky enough to purchase this product during a buy one get one half off promotion and after nearly a month of use I would say it is easily a top-tier protein powder packed with BCAAs and some Creatine. Hydrolyzed and Isolate protein, it is very easy to mix, noticeably finer, and the added Testofen gives it a nice additional spice in flavoring. At 20g protein per scoop, it is pretty versatile and a solid post workout choice. If you're a bigger guy or trying to put on gains ASAP, I don't see why the recommended 3 scoops per serving wouldn't get you there. I'm about half way through my first tub at 1-2 servings post-workout, and will have the GNC Pure Isolate or some other protein on non-training days/throughout the day. Definitely would buy again and worth the review.
September 23, 2017
4 months ago
Too sweet and have a very strong taste like plastic chemicals. But in terms of boasting your energy, endurance and lifting strength -- this is much much better than the original.
August 18, 2017
5 months ago
Big Strenghtt Increase!!
Really Good Strength Increase! 2 scoop with Breakfast And 3 scoop After My workout!
I personaly Get Really Good Results With This, the power increase is Hella Real.

The only negative is the price Lol but the Good thing is i always make sure they are on Sale Buy 1 get 1 50% off before i buy 2.only when they r on sale is this product Perfect Lol
August 14, 2017
Amplified wheybolic Extreme 60
Great product, tastes great and is very easy on the digestive system.
July 26, 2017
6 months ago
Best protein suplement I've ever used!
It tastes well, you feel it fuelling your body after a hard workout, and it is really easy on the stomach. Plus, it doesn't leave you bloated and gassy after using it. I definitely recommend it!!
July 4, 2017
8 months ago
Good stuff good taste costly but i think its worth every penny but if you stop taking it you go back to your regular self it will give you extra strength muscle recovery and also the mass you are looking for instantly thats my feed back try for your self
May 30, 2017
Best tasting AMP Extreme 60
I have tried most all of the variants of the AMP Extreme 60 product line. I use two scoops per shake (40 grams of protein) and so far I have found the Extreme 60 Power to be one of the easiest mixing (shaker bottle) and best tasting. of the product family. Mix in some egg whites and it is almost like a milkshake.

I do continue to see solid progress on my body as I continue to use the Extreme 60 product family. I cannot say that my gains are any different with this specific variant. But it mixes better and tastes better.
February 15, 2017
Grainy with an odd after-taste
My husband bought the strawberry flavor and stopped drinking it because he couldn't get past the taste. I mix just one scoop with non-fat milk and it tastes okay, vaguely strawberry with an odd herbal medicine aftertaste. I use a Blender Bottle and this does not completely mix, leaving a grainy residue. It's not the worse I've ever had, but definitely not one we would buy again.
March 1, 2016