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This product is beast
Great no need for the powder with that nasty after taste
January 28, 2018
1 year ago
good good good
January 26, 2018
1 year ago
Does anyone know if you should take it on off days of your work out?
January 4, 2018
Great product!
Very happy with this Creatine. I take one before i workout and one after.
December 19, 2017
1 year ago
quality product
making bigger gains everyday
November 9, 2017
1 year ago
I really like it
November 8, 2017
1 year ago
Less Pain
Able to stand longer and perform task with no pain. only been a couple of weeks but looks like a winner
November 1, 2017
1 year ago
Great stuff, definitely like the capsule form of creatine. This kind really makes a noticeable difference after you are taking it for a while.
October 23, 2017
1 year ago
Not to sure...Haven't really seen any results
October 22, 2017
1 year ago
Good For Recovery
Really good for muscle recovery. I to, like many others, noticed that the pill would go out the same as it went in. So I now take a knife and pill off the outer coating and take the pills with a Gatorade, which seems to make the pills dissolve faster than water. Just a suggestion but it works really good for me.
September 27, 2017
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Love this product, works very well.
p l on Apr 8, 2015
Love this product, works very well.
p l on Apr 8, 2015
To get bigger and stronger
B r on Apr 1, 2015
To get bigger and stronger
B r on Apr 1, 2015
Can I take Amplified Creatine 189 with C4 Extreme pre-workout they both has Creatine ?
A shopper on Sep 19, 2012
BEST ANSWER: There is no reason why you can't take these two products together, but if you begin to experience adverse side effects, you should stop.
Is this ok to take before high intensity workouts, I play football and we workout at about mid day then we have practice after school around 3 p.m. just wondering if it would be bad to take with the workouts then after practice?
A shopper on Sep 10, 2012
BEST ANSWER: You should take two tablets a day. It really does not matter what time of day you take them. You can take them before, during, or after workouts.
The label and one of the earlier answers says that timing doesn't matter. I tend to take AMP Creatine around 7 am, but typically work out at 10 pm. Does a 15 hour time gap matter or does timing really not matter at all?
A shopper on Oct 7, 2013
BEST ANSWER: GNC Amp can be taken at any time because studies have shown that Creatine is effective before, during and after workouts. The time does not seem to matter.
Will I get better muscle gains if I double the dosage and take 2 pills two times per day (4 pills per day instead of two)?
A shopper on Aug 31, 2016
Would this help gain some weight, because im skinny and i weight 108 lbs. trying to gain muscle for football try outs..please help.
A shopper on Jul 1, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this product contains creatine. Creatine will most definitely cause you to gain weight. The initial gain will be water, but later your muscles will gain mass.
I bought this yesterday but I also bought Cellucor Super HD.
The salesman at the store sold them both to me but I was wondering is it effective to take them both?
I also take a C4 Extreme pre work out.. Any advice would be great.
A shopper on May 9, 2014
BEST ANSWER: It is ok and effective to take both these products at once.
does this help you lose weight
A shopper on Nov 6, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Creatine does the exact opposite actually. The creatine stores water in your muscles, so you can expect to gain a lot of water weight using creatine. I gained 2 pounds in my first week of using creatine. Do not use this if you want to lose weight...
can I expect better results/absoprtion by crushing and/or dissolving the pill under water before consumption?
A shopper on Oct 10, 2016
BEST ANSWER: No. Just digest the pill with at least 8 ounces of water after a workout.
what is the source of the gelatin used in the gnc pro performance AMP amplified gold?
thank you in advance
A shopper on Jul 6, 2014
BEST ANSWER: The source is cellulose.
I'm 18 and have never used this product but have taken creatine before(C4. i was just wondering how effective is this product? if it is not, what creatine product would you recommend?
A shopper on Apr 1, 2012
BEST ANSWER: This product will give you a greater benefit because it has 189% greater absorption rate than regular creatine monohydrate.
If I start taking this product will it cause me to fail a urine test?
A shopper on Oct 23, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Is this product legal to take if I play NCAA baseball. I believe creatiine is legal but is is creatiine hydrochloride legal in NCAA sports?
Its very hard to digest ...and for the loading can i mix with water and take 3 times a day for first 10 days loading time..?
A shopper on Aug 3, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I have been taking this creatine for a couple years now and have not had any problems with digest but with any supplement you should make sure to drink plenty of water. The loading phase is not really necessary with this product, the monohydrate is what I believe you are thinking of.
Is it ok if I take the tablet when I don't train or do I have to take the tablet prior to the day of my training?
Bryan M on Jul 8, 2016
BEST ANSWER: You should take this tablet daily whether you train or not. It works best when it is fully integrated into your system, it needs to build up over time similar to the way motrin does.
what is the loading dose of amplified creatine 189 ??
A shopper on Jul 21, 2014
BEST ANSWER: There is no loading dose it is just two tablets a day whenever is convenient for you.
I am confused about the amount of creatine in this product, it says 2 pills are 1250mg of creatine but the description on the site and box say 5g of creatine per serving (which is 2 pills)? How is this possible, or do you need to take 8 pills to get to 5g?
A shopper on Feb 24, 2014
BEST ANSWER: This product contains 1250 milligrams of creatine per two pills. This is the GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Creatine 189 formula, and two pills of this formula is equivalent to 5 grams of normal creatine, because this formula includes a technology that allows you to get the same benefits as regular creatine monohydrate at a lower dose.
Is this product safe to use with pre-work out like C4 or No-Explode?
A shopper on Nov 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This can be taken before, during or after exercise.
Can this product like other creatine's cause kidney and liver problem's along with digestive issues?
A shopper on Oct 31, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The buildup of creatine in your system can lead to serious kidney and
liver damage. The amino acids in Amplified Creatine 189 act fast and
warning symptoms may surface too late, which leads to damaging effects.
What type of cycle/cycles should I use as a first time user of this?
A shopper on Oct 9, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Take the product as directed, two tablet daily. There are no cycles.
Is creatine 189 or any of its components a banned substance by NCAA ?
A shopper on Sep 25, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The NCAA bans creatine and creatine-containing compounds.
AMP creatine189 will that product cause me to blow up in water weight?
A shopper on Sep 12, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Yes, the supplement may cause an increase in water retention, which is directly related to your water weight.
Should I still take the recommended daily dose (2 pills) on my off/rest days?
A shopper on Aug 10, 2013
BEST ANSWER: You take these daily.
is a loading phase needed for first time users ?
A shopper on Jul 22, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Two tablets should be taken daily at a convenient time. Studies have shown that timing of creatine intake does not matter.
Does this make u chubby
A shopper on Jul 21, 2013
BEST ANSWER: GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Creatine 189 does not make you "chubby." Used in conjunction with a program of proper diet and exercise it will allow you to gain muscle mass.
does this product help u with ur abbs ? thanks
A shopper on Jul 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: Product description does not state what muscle groups are targeted. The description does state "That the proof is in the muscle. The manufacturer tested and have the results that this product gets into your muscles."
should i take this along with creatine monohydrate?
A shopper on Jul 7, 2013
BEST ANSWER: No need , Amplified Creatine 189™ is a cutting-edge solution that tops ordinary creatine monohydrate.
i have fat in my stomach so does this product helps u to get abbs or gives u more belly fat ?
A shopper on Jun 29, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This is merely a supplement to assist in exercise and weight lifting. It will enhance whatever results you achieve from working out.
is it ok if a 15 year old uses this product? thanks
A shopper on Jun 28, 2013
BEST ANSWER: If you are under 18 years old you have to talk to your physician before you can use this product.
Since I have recently ran out of amplified creatine 189, and going to be taking a four week pause. Will I lose my weight that I have gained?
A shopper on Jun 27, 2013
BEST ANSWER: As long as you eat well and keep your protein levels up, you will not lose weight during your 4-week break from Creatine.
how long before workout should i take the capsules?
A shopper on Jun 22, 2013
BEST ANSWER: You can take this product at anytime of the day that is convenient for you; however, studies have shown that creatine is most beneficial if taken before, during or after your workout.
i am using the AMP Amplified Creatine 189. i stared today my first two tablets. I want to know if i can drink alcohol during the cycle or nor?
A shopper on Jun 16, 2013
BEST ANSWER: There should be no issues with GNC Pro Performance AMP Amplified Creatine 189 and small amounts of alcohol. Note "small" amounts!