Five ways to stay caffeinated without coffee.

Let’s say you don’t do coffee but you’re missing that morning java jolt. So what’s a sleepyhead to do? Think outside the coffee pot and get a natural boost from these five fixes.
1. Go green (tea).
Whip up a cup of matcha, which delivers a natural source of caffeine. Matcha is finely ground, Japanese-style green tea powder that keeps making the list of trending superfoods.
2. Iced, iced maybe.
Iced tea isn’t just for backyard cookouts. Brew up a batch ahead of time for a refreshing and naturally caffeinated morning boost.
3. Caffeinated cocoa.
It’s not just for cozy winter nights. While hot cocoa won’t give you the same buzz that coffee will, chocolate naturally contains caffeine, and it might just be enough of a boost to get you out the door.
4. Supercharged smoothie.
Make your breakfast smoothie do double-duty by adding a scoop of Smart Greens + Energy. You’ll get a natural boost of energy from the matcha powder and coffee bean extract in this greens powder.
5. Morning mocktail.
It’s never too early to treat yourself and your taste buds. While many dietary supplements contain synthetic caffeine, Energizing TonIQ uses natural sources: green coffee bean extract and matcha powder. Top it off with some club soda and a sprig of mint for a morning mocktail that leaves you invigorated and alert.

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