Men’s Health Through The Ages (And What To Do About It)

So you’ve either hit the big three-oh or you’ve rolled past it, but for most part, things are pretty stable.
Well fellas, we’ve got some good news and we’ve got bad news.
With each decade, your body might notice a few changes, ranging from heart health to testosterone production. Throw in muscle mass and some prostate concerns and the future might seem … challenging.
Oh boy.
So what’s the good news?
We’re here to cover all four of these concerns and provide support to allay any concerns.

30-40 Years

Heart Health

Even when you’re fit, keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels is vital and it’s recommended that by the time you hit 35 years, you should start going to health screenings. Not only will you catch any issues early, but you’ll also be keeping track of your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart health and blood glucose levels.
To reduce the risks, find a balanced exercise program with cardio and weight training exercises. As you train for longer your heart will get stronger over time. Don’t forget that you can also give you heart dietary support in the form of fatty fish such as salmon, consuming fish oil supplements or by eating fruits and vegetables.
The other thing to consider is stress. When you’re flying by the seat of your pants, your brain produces a hormone called cortisol. Sure it’ll make you react quicker in high-alert situations, but the price for this (especially over long periods of time) is that your blood pressure and heart rate may climb.
Long story short: Exercise, diet and chill.

40-50 Years

Muscle Matters

When you roll into this decade, you might start noticing some muscle loss. This loss can be up to 15% between your mid-20s’ and mid-70s’.
Maintain the muscles you have by increasing your intake of protein through diet or supplements. Rather than having it all at once, consume portions of thirds throughout the morning, afternoon and evening so that your muscles can get the most out of your proteins.
To further your goals, add resistance training into the mix. Even if you’re lifting light weights, it’s been found that your muscles will still benefit from the exercise.

50+ Years

Prostate Prospects

Although a source of anxiety for some, maintaining a healthy prostate can be done with lean meats, low-fat or fat-free dairy products. You could consider putting some fruits and vegetables into the mix as well. The antioxidants in them can help fight any free radicals that destroy healthy cells.
Saw Palmetto and vitamin E supplements can be a support for prostate health when you’re on the move or trying to fill in those dietary gaps.

60+ Years

Turning To Testosterone

You might be young at heart, but at this point in life, it’s possible that your body may be producing less testosterone.
You may consider supplementing your diet with 600 mg of Testofen Fenugreek, which has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels. It may also support healthy blood sugar metabolism and overall wellbeing.

Last, But Not Least…

With annual visits to the doctor and by keeping an eye on your diet, you can maintain your wellness and long-term health.
Start enjoying the decades ahead.

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