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5 Ways To Boost Your Spring Routine

Make your spring a little sweeter by incorporating a healthy boost into your day! Superfoods and greens, whether served up straight or mixed into a powder, are a great way to pack whole food ingredients into your snacks and meals without a lot of time or effort. And if you’re looking to put a little extra spring in your step, we’ve got some recommendations that contain natural sources of caffeine too!

Superfoods Matcha Latte

1. Get More Matcha:

Matcha is a finely ground green tea powder that keeps making the list of trending superfoods, and it’s also a great natural source of caffeine. Green tea extract contains beneficial polyphenols, which support antioxidant activity in the body. It may also help protect cellular membranes against effects of excessive free radicals. A Superfoods Matcha Latte makes for a delightful afternoon pick-me-up!

Maca Wellness Energy Drink

2. Maca Makes It Better:

If you have a busy day ahead, maca is a must. This nutrient-rich superfood works wonders on its own, but it goes especially well with coffee and cocoa! Try this Maca Wellness Energy Drink.

Beet Root Powder Pre-workout Smoothie

3. Can’t Be Beet:

Beets may get a bad rap, but they’ve got tons of benefits we think you’ll find pretty impressive. Beetroot powder has betaine, which provides important molecules to help support a healthy cardiovascular system and liver health. Betaine also works with B vitamins to support normal homocysteine levels. The taste is a little strong on its own, so we suggest mixing it into a smoothie that incorporates sweet fruits to balance the taste, such as this Beet Root Powder Pre-workout Smoothie.

Green Means Go Energy Smoothie

4. Greens With Envy:

Make your breakfast smoothie do double duty by adding a scoop of Earth Genius® Smart Greens + Energy. You’ll get a natural boost of energy from the matcha powder and coffee bean extract, plus wholesome nutrition. This Green Means Go Energy Smoothie is an especially good way to start your day.

Superfoods Power Vegan Protein Smoothie

5. Superfood To The Rescue:

If you’re trying to add more goodness into your daily diet, a scoop of superfoods powder might be for you. Superfoods powders are an easy and reliable way to get a blend of wholesome fruits and veggies combined with nutrient-rich superfood ingredients and daily greens. Ready to give it a go? Try this Superfoods Power Vegan Protein Smoothie.

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