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Size: 7 Day(s)

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A 7-day system designed to support overall wellness and digestive health.*

AM Formula
Each AM Formula packet contains a Gastro Formula, Total Cleanser and Enzyme Blend. This packet combines specialized herbs such as ginger, artichoke and pomegrante with fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to help promote intestinal health. It also provides digestive enzymes to help promote protein, carbohydrate and fat digestion.*

PM Formula
Each PM Formula packet supplies a Blood Circulation Formula, Liver Cleanser, Kidney Health Formula and Enzyme Blend. This packet blends the popular herbs cayenne, goldenseal and milk thistle which supports liver function with antioxidant herbs such as green tea and grape seed extract. It too provides digestive enzymes that help promote digestion.*

Probiotic – Acidophilus
Introduces beneficial probiotics, acidophilus and bifidobactrim. These organisms are important in promoting the health of the digestive tract.* They not only help maintain the health of the digestive tract but also have a direct influence on the balance of the body's natural flora.* These beneficial flora also support healthy immune function and when taken on a regular basis, support overall digestive health.*

Fiber and Prebiotic Blend
Fiber is a necessary component of everyone's diet. Among the many health benefits of fiber, it is most commonly recognized for its ability to aid in the digestion process.* Fiber plays a critical role in the intestinal transit time, it serves as a bulking agent and also provides relief from occasional constipation.* This specially formulated blend features multiple fibers that promote and support daily digestive health.* Unlike other fiber products that typically target the end of the colon, this fiber and prebiotic blend is site specific and provides fibers that work at the beginning, middle and end of the large intestines. By offering this diverse group of fibers, this patented formula helps to improve bowel cleansing without urgency or discomfort.

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AM Packet-As a dietary supplement, take the contents of one AM Packet first thing in the morning for seven days.

Fiber and Prebiotic Blend-As a dietary supplement, mix 1 packet with 4-6 ounces of cold water or juice.

Probiotic-Acidophilus-As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with dinner for seven days.

PM Packet-As a dietary supplement, take the contents of one PM Packet with evening meal for seven days.


Distributed by: General Nutrition Corporation Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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Love it it..
You must really really follow instruction ...will be success??????
This one not for weigh lost but for cleansing...
But anyway I lost 8lb “amazing”
January 27, 2018
Love This Product
So easy to take and thorough. I felt great during and after taking
the Complete Body Cleansing.
This was much better than the teas I usually use. I felt balanced
and inflamation was gone as well.
Will definately will keep this on hand.
December 18, 2017
3 months ago
Excellent product. A must have at least once a year
Toxic overload? Periodontal disease? Leaky gut? Gut dysbiosis? IBS? Unexplained BO? Spending Thousands to see doctors with no diagnosis or results? Help is on the way. This is the best natural product I have ever tried. Will help you feel and smell normal in a week and their GOS prebiotics will do the rest after. This product gently helps mop up toxins, unblocks bile ducts, helps grow good bacteria, breaks down bad bacteria, speeds up the digestive process while saving you the discomfort of feeling headaches or muscle aches. This is the best!
November 25, 2017
Eh, no real differnce
My husband and I tried this and followed the Diet plan that went with it. I didn't feel any different at the end of the week and only lost about 1 or 2 lbs. And not to be too gross, but I am a very consistent BMer in the morning and this actually backed me up for days. Since then we did the Dr Oz 2 week fat burning cleanse. and that one made us feel great. I would not do this again. Seemed like a real waste of money. It does help get you in better eating habits, but I did not find any real value in it.
October 30, 2017
I'm giving it a try
I see everyone saying how they started the pills the first day. I read to take the drink for day 1 and 2. Maybe that's why you felt sick with taking the pills from the jump
October 6, 2017
Great product
My husband and I decided to do our first full body cleanse and we picked the 7 day one. It didn't seem to work for him but it really worked for me. The first day however I didn't feel to good, I hardly ate and my mouth kept watering like I was going to throw up. I think it was my body just getting use to the pills. I'm fine now. Let's just say it seems to definitely be hitting me and working for me. However, I have been having terrible stomach aches, maybe that's how the cleanse works? Not sure since this is my first time. My husband has had no outcome or anything. I guess I'm taking one for the team!
July 27, 2017
This is a great cleanse if you follow the directions properly!!
This cleanse is great. There are a packet of vitamins for the morning, and another packet for the evening, and a fiber "shake" to drink with breakfast. Not the best tasting shake, but you can mix it with a shot sized amount of water to get it down fast. I did not follow the diet regime (as I was on the road most of this cleanse) but I did my best. Don't expect to lose weight-- I don't believe this is the goal for this cleanse anyways. This cleaned my gut and enhanced my mood ten fold. Serotonin is produced in your gut so it is vital to take care of this part of your body!! Also remember it is a cleanse!! bowel movements won't always be comfortable as the product helps clean the intestines out. There is also a meal plan included to help you. I highly recommend and I will be purchasing again!
June 22, 2017
After 5 days of the program, I could not be bother to continue the sixth day since it wasn't working for me. Not only did I felt being cleanse or refresh but rather tired, sluggish and more hungry than ever. I honestly follow the instructions close to 90% on what said on the kit. Had such high hope on dropping 4-5 pounds of toxins & wastes to kick start my weight loss but instead, it was a failure.
May 1, 2017
didn't do what it should have
I don't know if you have changed something in the product because it worked in the past.
But this time it has failed me very unhappy
March 30, 2017
First Timer
This is the first time I've tried something like this and it was a bit much and had to divide it up. Was on regiment for 2 days and it was too much to swallow all of them pills and not affect my stomach and I've been on Nexium for 16 yrs. So I will do the remaining 3 daily doses when I feel the need to cleanse.
March 15, 2017