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Why??? These two items are the best products I have ever used for pre workouts and thermogenic energy. I love these products and now I have to search like a mad woman to try and find them on eBay or amazon and they don’t have them or they are priced ridiculously high. Please listen to us and bring these supplements back...please please please . I can’t find anything better than these two products. Come on GNC !!! Whatcha thinking
January 5, 2018
Best Ever
Best product out there. Since it has been discontinued, I have tried a number of products and ended up throwing them all away. Please bring it back
December 29, 2017
I've used this product for years. Please bring it back. PLEASE
December 27, 2017
Bring this product back
Best product I ever used from GNC. Haven’t shopped at GNC since they discontinued this product. Won’t shop at GNC till they bring this product back. Helped with everything from working out to daily motivation
December 12, 2017
Bring back
Bring it back , so disappointed
December 5, 2017
Bring this back! Best product I have had. Went to all the GNC stores to stock up on what they had left. Even they were surprised it was being taken off shelves since it is so popular.
November 26, 2017
Why discontinue the best product you ever made??
I have been using this product for YEARS and it is the best and only product I have ever consistently used and loved from GNC. No matter how many other products people have tried to make me try, I always ran right back to pro-sculpt because it was always a superior product. Will you guys be bringing this product back? If not, what product will you guys be selling that will be closely comparable to this? So disappointed in you guys for discontinuing such a great and popular product!
November 24, 2017
Too bad it has been discontinued.
I fully agree with the last reviewer and ask the same question, why has it been discontinued when it's such a good product?

I've been using it for little more than a year now as a pre-workout and the results are evident. Great blend of aminos and caffeine plus a thermogenic profile, can't beat that. I'm still going to buy it as I've seen stores still carry some remnants. I'm not ready to switch to something else and I demand answers? BRING IT BACK.
November 22, 2017
Why was this amazing product discontinued? Looking for similar alternative. Is there a replacement product?
I've been using this product for years and I'm obsessed with it. Helps wake you up for an early morning workouts and I believe that it helps me work out harder/better. The combination of the caffeine with the amino acids is why I stick with this product and believe it's the pre-workout ever. Why was it discontinued? Any recommendations on a similar pre-workout with caffeine and aminos?
October 9, 2017
I love it.
I've already recommended it to a lot of my friends. I love the energy And push it gives you to push yourself harder in work outs. I lost over 40 pounds drinking this. Before and after my work out.
July 27, 2017