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how to detox your body.

Maybe you have a wedding or reunion coming up. Or maybe you’ve spent so many days in a carb coma it’s hard to see the light at the end of the produce aisle. It might be time to hit reset and do a detoxifying cleanse. Jumpstart your success and learn how to detox your body.
So, what exactly is a detox?
In the weight-loss world, a detox is a short-term program used to cleanse the body. It’s a commitment to healthier habits, like eating more fruits and veggies and drinking more water. You know, more of the good stuff, less of the bad stuff. A lot of detoxes focus on getting rid of toxins, breaking bad habits and “resetting” your body so it’s easier to stick to an ongoing diet plan. A lot of people do a detox after they’ve indulged a little too much, like after a vacation or the holidays.
What’s the best way to detox?
Forget about fasting and lemon-cayenne water and look for a high-quality detox supplement. Most supplements contain ingredients and nutrients to support a particular detox. If you’re looking to give your liver some love, you might choose a detox supplement with milk thistle. A kidney detox may feature cranberry extract, while a diet detox may feature fiber to help cleanse the colon and eliminate unwanted toxins from the body. With any detox, make sure you drink enough water to help cleanse your system.
What do detox supplements actually do?
You might be thinking, don’t I have actual organs that help detox my body? You sure do, you sharp cookie! Organs like your liver, kidneys and GI tract work to recognize toxins and clear them from the body. Detoxes aren’t meant to do the job your organs do, they’re meant to support them while they do it. A high-quality diet detox will supply your body with ingredients and nutrients that support metabolism, digestion and regularity.
If you’re worried about sticking to a detox for the long haul, you can relax. Detoxes are meant to be a short-term solution to kick off a long-term lifestyle change. You’ve got this!

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