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Tips to Restaurant Eating

A trick to mastering a healthy lifestyle is learning how to incorporate healthy eating into your life, no matter your situation. If you make unhealthy choices every time you eat at a restaurant, travel or socialize with friends, you likely won’t reach your goal.
On the flip side, avoiding trips or nights out is not sustainable in the long term. Being fit and having fun can co-exist as long as you don’t use social events as an excuse to eat and drink whatever you want.
These days, almost all restaurants—even fast-food establishments—offer something that will fit into your healthy lifestyle. The key is choosing the right options and asking for modifications when necessary. Below are some simple strategies to help keep you in line.
Tips When Eating Out
  • Never arrive to a party or restaurant starving. You’re likely to empty the bread or chip basket if your stomach is growling. Eat a light snack 1-2 hours before you plan on going out.
  • Speaking of bread basket…if it tempts you, ask the server not to bring it. Or, snag one piece and have him take it away.
  • Have water with you at all times. It’s okay to order a different drink, but make sure you’re sipping on water, too. Water will slow down your eating and help you stay hydrated.
  • If you order a baked potato or steamed vegetables, ask to have them cooked without butter. Instead, ask for it on the side. That way, you’re controlling how much added fat you consume.
  • Be in control of condiments. Ask that the dressing for your salad is served on the side and the same goes for sandwich spreads.
  • Avoid sugar-sweetened beverages with meals.
  • In general, stick to lean protein and vegetables for your meal and make sure to drink lots of water.
Meals To Consider
  • Grilled chicken sandwich with garden salad or steamed vegetables (light dressing)
  • Grilled chicken wrap with garden salad or steamed vegetables
  • Grilled chicken or fish tacos (limit to two tacos)
  • Grilled chicken breast with baked potato, vegetable and dinner roll (light butter)
  • Chicken, steak or fish fajitas with rice and grilled vegetables
  • Pasta and chicken with marinara sauce served with steamed vegetables
  • Turkey club with a side of fruit
  • Baked or grilled fish, rice and steamed vegetable

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