Stay Active While Traveling

Whether you’re away on business or pleasure, traveling is not an excuse to ditch your exercise routine. In fact, oftentimes you can incorporate a fun workout into your trip. Take a look at a few ideas below:*
Explore The Area By Foot
A walk or run outside is a great way to check out the area while fitting in a workout. Ask the hotel concierge if they have any suggestions or a helpful trail guide. You can also ask if there are any local parks or must-see areas of the city you should explore.
Cruise The City By Bike
Bike sharing programs are very popular in major cities, and many resort locations offer bike rentals. Again, ask the hotel concierge about local spots to explore. Biking not only works your thighs, hips and glutes, but the wind resistance while riding also works your heart.
Pack Those Bands
Lugging free weights around may not be an option, but exercise bands easily slip into your suitcase. Stretch your muscles for 10-15 minutes each morning, then take a quick 10-minute walk. Walk again around lunch and once more before dinner, and you’ll round your day out with over 30 minutes of activity.
Find A Local Class
Whether it’s a spin class or a Pilates studio, many local gyms offer drop in rates. Do a quick search of the area and find one that fits your interests.
Resort Classes
If you’re staying at a large resort, chances are they offer aerobics classes on-site. Be on the lookout for a fitness schedule, and who knows, you may wind up joining fellow travelers on the beach for morning yoga.
Hotel Fitness Center
Most hotels offer a fitness center of some sort. Even if it’s just a treadmill, you can get in a quick 30 minutes of cardio. If there’s more equipment available, take a look at some gym ideas.
If all else fails, you can always stream a fitness video on your phone or laptop. Even an online video workout in your room will make a difference in the long run.
*Before starting any exercise or weight loss program, consult your physician

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