Science Aims For Savage Gains

Revolutionary science is making it easier than ever to reap the benefits of protein. New and innovative hydrolysate and pure isolate formulas aim to give your muscles a more streamlined payoff. Here’s how:

Enhanced Delivery Of Benefits

After an unrelenting lifting session, your muscles need amino acids to repair and rebuild themselves—and they need them within the critical post-workout window.
That’s where hydrolysates come in. They’re what you get when protein is pre-digested—which just means it’s been split and partially broken down prior to being consumed.
Because hydrolysates are smaller, partially metabolized protein fragments, it takes less work to process them.
Thus, they’re more readily available for absorption. Translation? More efficient delivery of crucial aminos.

What Can I do?

If you’re cutting out processed foods and unnecessary ingredients, your protein formula should match your diet.
Thanks to a 20-step process that includes micro-filtration, GNC Pro Performance® AMP Pure Isolate whey protein is stripped of everything but the essential nutrients your muscles need for optimal performance.
This means you can power up with a clean, concentrated formula that’s 90% protein with minimal amounts of fat, sugar and carbs.
In other words, all the benefits you want, none of the additives you don’t.

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