So, you’re serious about shedding those stubborn pounds clinging to your waist and hips. And carving a new body. Awesome. To get transformational results, set yourself up for success with these 3 simple steps. We’ve also included plenty of tips and tools to help you. Now make it happen!

Follow the plan: Eat. Move. Lose weight.


  • Find a MEAL PLAN - that’s right for you (from 1500-2200 calories), designed to help you reach your goal.* You can calculate your desired daily calorie intake using the Calorie Counter.

  • Prep your kitchen - Stock your pantry with healthy, tasty food options.

  • Eat protein throughout the day - Try for 20-25g of protein at each meal. Protein helps your brain signal fullness so you’re satisfied—not hungry. Find more tips on powering your weight loss with the right food in the Slimvance® Meal Plans.


  • Choose an activity that will raise your heart rate.**

  • Start with a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise (like walking) 5 days a week.

  • Commit to an EXERCISE PLAN - Choose a plan that works with your fitness level and most important, schedule your workouts! Put it on your calendar and in your phone, lay out your workout clothes, exercise the same time every day or mix it up but keep a set schedule, set alerts and reminders—anything that helps you keep your commitment.**


  • Before starting, record your current weight.

  • Take your measurements - Measure and record your waist at its narrowest point (just above the navel), hips at widest part of hipbones, and each thigh at fullest part of upper leg while standing.

  • Take a BEFORE photo- This is for no eyes but your own. No one else will see this. When you start losing weight, you’ll be glad you have this as a way to see how far you’ve progressed. And once you’re blown away by your weight loss, you’ll be sharing this with everyone!

  • Take a break from the scale- Resist the urge to weigh in every day. It can be deflating to see the natural fluctuations in body weight and you may mistakenly think you’re headed in the wrong direction. Instead, schedule a time each week or every two weeks to really measure everything. Then chart your progress.


Even the most dedicated weight loss hero can hit a plateau. It happens all the time. After a few weeks or months on a weight loss plan, the weight may not come off as quickly as in the beginning. Don’t let it stop you! Here are some secrets from fitness experts on how to power through:

  • Double-check your diet to make sure you’re staying on your plan.

  • Still hungry? Try boosting your meals with veggies for added bulk and fiber.

  • Change up your workout routine. Try new workouts that are different than what you’ve been doing— like strength training instead of walking or cardio. Make sure you’re breaking a sweat. Remember, to get max results, you’ve got to push yourself.

  • Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated and drink water before your meals to help you feel fuller on less calories.