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  • Helps regulate water balance*
  • Enhanced with vital electrolytes
  • All natural

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As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily.


Keep out of reach of children.
, Consult your physician prior to using this product if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition. Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery.

Other Ingredients

Cellulose, Gelatin


Store in a cool, dry place.
Distributed by: General Nutrition Corporation
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size  2 Capsule(s)
Servings Per Container  30

Amount Per Serving     % DV

Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 50 mg   2500%
Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide) 50 mg   13%
Potassium (as Potassium Chloride) 50 mg   1%

Proprietary Blend  100 mg   **
   Garlic Clove (Allium sativum)   **
   Parsley Herb Powder (Petroselinum crispum)   **
   Elderberry Fruit (Sambucus nigra)   **
   Horsetail Rush Stems (Equisetum arvense)   **
   Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Vulgare)   **
   Corn Silk (Zea mays)   **
   Juniper Berries Extract 2:1 (Juniperus communis)   **

** Daily Value (DV) not established.


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Didn’t work at all.
August 28, 2018
1 month ago
I would definitely recommend this product.
August 26, 2018
1 month ago
Reduces bloating and you see results
I have been taking them for almost a year. I do give my body breaks from them (typically taking them 2 months and then resting for a month) ....I can tell the difference in my body and it does help reduce the bloating and extra water weight. It says take two together but I take one in the morning before breakfast and another in the evening before my last meal.
May 15, 2018
Just getting started
Ive only taken waterex for a couple of days and Ive lost close to 10 pounds. My body holds a lot of water due to the time of the month and, stress and etc.. and theyve
also help with bloating too! Overall im excited to to see where they take me!
December 25, 2017
9 months ago
Happy I got a review but don't understand
Never revived it. I did get a refund but no explanation about it.
August 8, 2017
1 year ago
Did Not Work For Me
I have not noticed any differences with this product even after lowerig my caloric intake and exceecising.
August 1, 2017
1 year ago
Response from GNC
Eric,we are sorry to hear about your experience with GNC WaterexPlease accept our apology for the experience you had with the product not meeting your needs. We want you to be fully satisfied with every item that you purchase from If you are not satisfied with an item that you have purchased, you may return the item within 30 days from the order date for a full refund of the purchase price, minus the shipping and handling charges. The item must be returned, unused or used, in good condition, in original boxes (whenever possible), and with all paperwork and accessories to ensure full credit. You may also want to visit our your local GNC store and speak to one of our associates who can find the best product for your needs
August 2, 2017
John T Staff
Great I would recommend it. It helps with bloating
July 28, 2017
1 year ago
No longer glued!
I had been stuck at 365 since March 2016 (I had started at 395 in July of 2015) I decided that it was time to try something to get unstuck from this number. After 96 hours of taking the product regularly I am now 358 pounds. I highly recommend this product to those who may be stuck on a certain number. I look forward to further results with this supplement and regular exercise.
July 4, 2017
Great choice to buy
I've been taking these pills with CLA and a multivitamin and I already see the difference in my midsection. I was skeptical at first but I decide to give it a shot. Drink tons of water and I do suggest working out at least 2-3x a week.
June 20, 2017
I seriously didn't know I was retaining water. Until I went to the gym, and took personal training. I told my trainer I was seeing the results on the scale, but not on my body. She told me I could be retaining water, and that is normal, because more than half of our body is made out of water and blood cells. She recommended that I look into supplement that will help me remove that water retention and that's when I went to GNC. They highly recommend Waterex. I tried it for a few days saw a difference laid off it and saw another difference just started retaking it and in just 3 days of use I can tell my body is responding well to the supplement again. For sure I will go back to GNC, and purchase another bottle. I have seen the results and tested it out in more than one person. I'm very happy to say that I'm not only loosing body fat, but also that extra water in the body we really don't need.
May 11, 2017
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regulates my urination.
w c on Apr 10, 2015
I have used this before and find that it works very well
j r on Apr 2, 2015
regulates my urination.
w c on Apr 10, 2015
helps regulate water levels
a c on Apr 6, 2015
I have used this before and find that it works very well
j r on Apr 2, 2015
helps regulate water levels
a c on Apr 6, 2015
The directions read to take two a day - should that be both at the same time, or spaced out?
A shopper on Mar 25, 2010
BEST ANSWER: Based on the weight loss cleanse it's included in you take them together.
I was told you have to drink an excessive amount of water with these pills, or you'll gain weight. Is this true? If so how much water should i drink throughout the day?
A shopper on Mar 13, 2013
BEST ANSWER: This products main purpose is to replace lost electrolytes after vigorous exercise. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 cups of water per day (approx. 64oz) in order to keep off water weight, regulate water retention, and allow for maximum efficiency of your body.
Can this product be taken with a fat burner? I'm currently taking Super HD fat burners and was wanting to know before purchasing this product.
A shopper on Jul 24, 2012
BEST ANSWER: No, you should not take a water pill with Super HD supplements because they already have well documented diuretic effects. Doing so would put you at risk for severe dehydration and possible kidney problems.
I have a hard time swollowing pills. Could I open the capsule and just take the powder or is it a time realease?
A shopper on Aug 21, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The product is not time release so you can open the capsules and take the powder. But be warned it tastes horrible!
Is this safe to take if I take birth control pills?
A shopper on Apr 27, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The GNC Waterex would be safe to take with birth control pills. You can also consult your medical care provider if you want to double check.
Can I take it right before I go to sleep? Will it have the same effect?
A shopper on Jun 27, 2016
BEST ANSWER: It may keep you up at night going to the bathroom to expel fluid
What is the normal cycle for usage of this product (take for a certain number of weeks and then cycle off for a certain number of weeks)? I have been taking it and have been very pleased I just want to make sure I get the most out of it without doing any damage to my body.
A shopper on Jul 14, 2013
BEST ANSWER: There is no requirement to cycle GNC Waterex. You can take it without fear of any body damage. Personally I like to cylce Waterex 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off, but that is just my personal preference.
Can I take this with Top Secret Nutrition® L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones?
A shopper on Oct 11, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Yes you can safe take GNC Waterex in conjunction with Top Secret Nutrition's L-Carnitine Plus Raspberry Ketones.
Can you take this along with Total Lean Appetite Control?
A shopper on Apr 5, 2017
BEST ANSWER: I would think so WaterEx helps with water retention and it's easy on your system. It also cleanses you so I don't think it would harm you while taking an appetite control. Try it and if you feel differently don't take them together.

Hope this helps.
Can you take this item with Hydroxycut Garcinia SX-7?
A shopper on Sep 22, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I did it when I initially tried the product and I was extremely dehydrated. I guess it depends on how your body responds to it
What is the difference between this and diurex (with caffeine)? Has anyone tried both and can tell me a difference? Thanks
A C on Jun 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: Diurex for me lowered my potassium way to much. WaterEx works naturally with my body and is easy on my system and shows results.
How does this compare to diurex (with caffeine)? Has anyone tried both and can tell me the difference? Thanks
A shopper on Jun 4, 2016
BEST ANSWER: I am a 66 year old woman and have used Waterex for years. Would not be without it. I take two capsules each morning, and give no thought to what I eat or drink. I have never had any side effects.
Is it safe if I drink this product with the CLA Supplement?
Karla C on May 24, 2016
Waterex Is this safe for children 14 yrs old
A shopper on Nov 11, 2013
BEST ANSWER: No; GNC Waterex is not safe for a child of 14 years old.
Is it safe to take both Amplified Ripped and Waterex as both help to regulate water balance?
A shopper on Jul 31, 2013
BEST ANSWER: You can safely take both Amplified Ripped and Waterex without problems.
What is the direction for using this pill.
How many do you take a day? when do you take them?
Do you take with food?
Do you take after meals?
A shopper on Jan 4, 2013
BEST ANSWER: The product label instructs taking two capsules daily. No other details are provided.
Do these pills clean your urine?
A shopper on Dec 13, 2012
BEST ANSWER: GNC Waterex help the body to balance it's water and electrolyte levels, it does not mask or clean the urine.
I just bought the waterex capsules, but I have a lot of trouble swallowing pills. Would it be possible to open the capsules and mix the powder inside of the capsules with water for use? Would this prevent the product from working or have any detrimental side effects in regards to my health?
A shopper on Dec 5, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The product is not time release so you can open the capsules and take the powder. But be warned it tastes horrible!
Will this product work to reduce bags under my eyes?

A shopper on Aug 27, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Waterex helps the body to regulate the balance of water retained. It does not specifically address the issue of bags under your eyes.
Does this product get rid of water retained in the tissues?
A shopper on Jun 14, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Yes, this product is designed to regulate water balance and thus help you to excrete excess water retained in the tissues.
I am currently taking GNC Lean Shake, and Mega Men Sport VitaPak, Which has the GNC Lean Burn 60. Is it okay to take this product as well?
A shopper on Jun 12, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Yes it is safe to add GNC Waterex to the stack of supplements you have listed that you are currently taking.
is it ok to take it if im breastfeeding?
A shopper on Jun 4, 2012
BEST ANSWER: The label states that one should consult their physician before taking this medication, if pregnant, nursing, taking other medication(s), or if one has a medical condition that the supplement could affect.
The instructions say 2pills a day and I've seen in your answers that its best to take both first thing in the morning, but also seen an answer saying you can take it up to 4 times a day. Is that 2 capsule 4 times a day? If so, what would that schedule be? Every 4 hours?
A shopper on May 6, 2012
BEST ANSWER: It is always best to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label. The label states to take 2 capsules once daily. It is NOT recommended to take more than that as it may cause health issues, such as kidney or bladder malfunction. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take supplements in the morning when you eat breakfast unless specifically directed to do otherwise.
does this have caffeine or any other stimulant?
A shopper on Apr 27, 2012
BEST ANSWER: GNC Waterex does not contain caffeine or an other stimulant, all the ingredients in the product are natural.
I see that gelatin is listed as an ingredient, is it pork based?

Thank you
A shopper on Apr 7, 2012
BEST ANSWER: This does not specifically state what kind of gelatin is used in the product, but does not state animal-product-free in the ingredients label. Similar products do use pork-based gelatin as a filler ingredient.
Hi I am currently taking oxyelite pro and I would like to know if it would be okay to take waterex as well? Since waterex is all natural but I am not sure if any ingredient in there would interfere with the oxyelite.
A shopper on Mar 27, 2012
BEST ANSWER: It would not be advisable to take the GNC Waterex if you are taking anything else.
Do you suppose to take this pill a total of 4 times a day
A shopper on Mar 13, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Waterex can be taken up to 4 times a day but you can take it as little as once a day.
How long does Waterex take to start seeing results? Have been taking three days with no results. Taking for menopause water retention.
A shopper on Mar 5, 2012
BEST ANSWER: From reviews on the GNC site, the results can take up to two weeks. Taking as directed 2 capsules daily, preferably early, then later in the day, and storing in a cool dry place will help ensure results. Also it is important to still drink plenty of water as this helps maintain water balance and absorb electrolytes.
I have a heart condition is waterex safe to use with the condition i have ?
A shopper on Feb 27, 2012
BEST ANSWER: Label directions advise talking with a doctor if taking a medication or if diagnosed with a medical condition, heart conditions probably need a doctor's OK. The supplement has no sugras or artificial ingredients.
I have a tendency to deplete my sodium. Is this for me?
A shopper on Feb 12, 2012
BEST ANSWER: GNC Waterex does not have any added sodium so it wouldn't help someone who has low sodium.