4 Reasons To Choose GNC Mega Men® and Women’s Ultra Mega® Multivitamins

Not all multivitamins are created equal. When it comes to something as important as your health, you want a high quality multivitamin. Not only is every GNC Mega Men® and Women’s Ultra Mega® multivitamin complex created with the vitamins and minerals you need to live well, they’re also clinically proven to make you feel better. Here’s four more reasons to choose GNC Mega Men® and Women’s Ultra Mega® multivitamins.

1. Scientifically Formulated

GNC’s science team is made up of Ph.D. researchers, nutrition scientists and Registered Dietitians. Our team utilizes emerging science to formulate multivitamin blends with clinically proven combinations of nutrients and calculated doses of ingredients. GNC Mega Men® and Women’s Ultra Mega® multivitamins use time-release technology, so you get a gradual release of essential vitamins and minerals.

2. High Quality

Quality is more than a buzzword at GNC. Not only do we critically evaluate the raw ingredients in our multivitamins, we also oversee the ingredient and technology suppliers that source them. Our premium GNC-brand products are manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Then they pass up to 150 quality checks, so you know if it’s on our labels, it’s in our bottles.

3. Clinically Studied

Before we formulate our multivitamins, we do research to back up the benefits with science. What does that actually mean? These products are verified to work. Our formulas contain a clinically studied multivitamin blend shown to work better than a basic multivitamin —it’s also proven to increase the absorption of certain key nutrients, including the B-vitamins needed for energy production. Plus, you get more antioxidant power and nutrients that support immune health.

4. Lifestyle-Specific

Multivitamins are not one-size-fits-all. Men and women have different nutritional needs that change throughout a lifetime. That’s why we created formulas that are right for your age, sex and lifestyle. GNC multivitamins contain a scientifically formulated blend of 23 key nutrients, plus ingredients that may be helpful for your unique nutritional needs. So whether you’re hitting a new decade, diet or performance goal, there’s a GNC Mega Men® or Women’s Ultra Mega® multivitamin that’s right for you.

Crush your goals and live well with the right vitamins, minerals and potency in GNC multivitamins. See how they stack up below!

^Excludes GNC Mega Men® and Ultra Mega® One Daily, Mini and Gummy Multivitamins.

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