Is Your Stomach In A Pinch? Just Add Ginger!

Ginger. We use it to make refreshing drinks, delicious dishes and yummy candies. But why is ginger so popular? What exactly is it—and more importantly—how can it help you?
Ginger usually grows in tropical environments. It has a long history of use (over 2500 years’ worth!) in India and China. Any plant that’s stood the test of time like that must be something special, and ginger really is! In addition to being a delicious way to add some flavor to your favorite foods and drinks, it’s also used as a supplement to support digestion and overall wellbeing.
The reason it’s so useful may have something to do with the 100+ compounds scientists have identified in ginger. Gingerols are the major components of ginger that often are studied in health-related research and contribute to its unique, spicy scent.
You can use ginger’s potent properties for a variety of tummy-related issues—especially when you travel. As we all know, traveling can wreak havoc on your eating habits. Whether you’re sampling unfamiliar cuisine, or stocking up on fast food before a long drive, ginger will help keep your stomach calm and help with motion sickness throughout your journey.
The possibilities of this awesome spice don’t end there. Ginger also supports healthy digestive tract function.
So the next time your tummy is in turmoil, do yourself a favor and grab some ginger!

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