Greens powders:
smart from the ground up.

We hear you’re ready to add more greens and good stuff into your day. You could try to fit all of the different fruits, vegetables and superfoods from a greens powder into your diet…or you could take back your nutrition (and all that time you spend washing and chopping) and give GNC Earth Genius greens a try. Here are a few reasons why.
Super tasty.
Let’s get real. Naturally inspired products can sometimes taste…uninspired and just a bit too earthy. That’s why we put the extra effort (and lots of trial and error) in nailing down GNC Earth Genius flavors. We’re all about ditching the yuck and embracing the yum. Sip on a green superfood shake in flavors your taste buds will love, like Mixed Berry, Citrus Twist or Vanilla Chai, or blend them into a smoothie for extra nutrients.
Good for your gut.
Every Earth Genius greens product contains key, wholesome ingredients and science-based botanicals. Our experts paid special attention to digestive heath when crafting greens powders. Think prebiotic inulin, which supports the growth of friendly bifidobacteria in the digestive system, enzymes to support healthy digestion and PreticX™, a vegetarian, non-GMO prebiotic found in several Earth Genius solutions.
Up the antioxidants.
The best green superfood powder should do more than just taste good and support your digestion. There are a lot of brilliant nutrients and superfoods in Earth Genius greens powders, but what makes them genius? They contain ingredients with antioxidants that help support immune health and help protect against free radical damage.
Free of eek and ick.
When crafting Earth Genius, GNC went back to basics. We scoured the globe for some of the best ingredients—turmeric, wheat grass, coffee beans, mushrooms, the list goes on—and then we got to work. Our experts took the power of these key, wholesome ingredients and combined them with science-based botanical ingredients so you have access to the very best versions of what your body needs. What won’t you find in Earth Genius? Artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. The entire family is also gluten free and non-GMO. Some products go a step further and are vegan and include no soy, sugar or dairy.
Here with specific help.
Whether you’re looking for a boost of superfoods, a boost of energy or trying to achieve your diet goals, there’s an Earth Genius greens product with your name on it. Find your solution in Superfoods Supreme with over 35 different superfood ingredients, Smart Greens with prebiotic and digestive enzymes, Core Slimming Greens™ with Slimvance® or Smart Greens + Energy.
What’s the best part about Earth Genius? With everything from TonIQs, greens and herbs to multivitamins and plant-based performance solutions, there’s a little something for everyone. Isn’t it time you started living like a genius?
PreticX™ is a trademark of AIDP, Inc.

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