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Choosing Breakfast While Traveling

Breakfast While Traveling
Choosing healthy meals when you’re traveling or eating out is easier than ever these days. Almost all restaurants, even fast-food establishments, offer something that will fit into your healthy lifestyle. The key is choosing the right options and asking for modifications when necessary. Use the following tips and ideas to help you eat right when eating out.
Continental Breakfast
If you’re staying at a hotel, or perhaps have an early business meeting, there may be a continental breakfast served. The trick to eating healthy with a variety of options in front of you is to choose foods that provide a range of nutrients. Pick a high-quality protein, a carbohydrate-rich food, something with fiber and a little bit of healthy fats. Some of the most common options are:
    Protein Options: Hard-boiled egg, Greek yogurt, cheese, cold meats or milk
    Carbohydrate Options: Bagel, bread, cold cereal, hot cereal, granola, fruit or juice
    Fiber Options: Fruit (pears, apples, bananas) or oats
    Fat Options: Peanut butter, nuts, butter or margarine
If you don’t see something out, don’t be afraid to ask. Many venues are happy to bring you a substitute.
Convenience Stores
Today, even service stations have healthy options to choose from. Head to the refrigerated section and look for cold sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, yogurt, fruits and veggies. Many stores even offer pre-packed meals that feature a variety of food groups.
If you don’t find what you’re looking for, look for a hot station that may offer a variety of breakfast sandwiches. Many convenience stores now have microwaves available for customers, so you can also purchase a frozen meal and heat it up in the store.
If none of those items are available, pick up a nutrition bar or a beverage with protein, such as milk or kefir.
Fast Food Establishment
If a fast-food restaurant is your only choice, don’t worry! Stick to basic items such as a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin, a breakfast wrap or a yogurt parfait. Many fast-food restaurants will work with you to get you a healthy option. If you can’t find something, ask for a plain English muffin or bagel with the toppings on the side and a piece of fruit.
Prep Ahead
If you know you’re traveling, pack a few Lean Bars or Lean Shake packets. Or, you can make protein-packed muffins in advance and take them with you.

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